January Freshman Seminar Reading List

First Semester - Spring 2014


Janaury 20 Mon      Homer:

 Iliad, I-VI

  23 Thu    Iliad, VII-XII
  27 Mon    Iliad, XIII-XVIII
  30 Thu  

 Iliad, XIX-XXIV

 February 3  Mon Homer:  Odyssey, I-VIII
  6  Thu    Odyssey, IX-XVI
  10 Mon  

Odyssey, XVII-XXIV

  13 Thu Aeschylus:


  17 Mon  

Choephoroe (Libation Bearers)


  20 Thu Herodotus: Histories, I; III 37-38
  24 Mon   Histories, V 62-78; VI 94-140; VII 1-60, 99-end
  27 Thu   Histories, VIII-IX
 March 3 Mon Plato: Gorgias: 447a-481b: 447a-481b
  6 Thu   Gorgias: 481b-527c
  10 Mon   Meno
  13 Thu Sophocles: Oedipus Rex
  31 Mon Plato:  Republic, I
 April 3 Thu    Republic, II-III
  7 Mon    Republic, IV-V
  10 Thu    Republic, VI-VII
  14 Mon    Republic, VIII-IX
  17 Thu    Republic, X
  21 Mon    Aristophanes: Clouds
  21 Mon   First Semester Essays Due by Noon at Switchboard
  24 Thu  Thucydides:  Peloponnesian War  (see reverse side)
  28 Mon    Peloponnesian War
 May  1 Thu    Peloponnesian War
   5 Mon    Peloponnesian War
   8 Thu  Plato:  Symposium: 172a-201c
  12 Mon            Symposium:  201d-223d
  15 Thu    Apology, Crito
  19 Mon    Phaedo:  57a-89c
  22 Thu    Phaedo:  89c-118a


 While we recommend reading the entire work, the selections listed should be manageable in the allotted time.  Arabic numbers refer to standard paragraph numbers; these appear on the tops of the pages in the Modern Library edition and in the margins in the Penguin edition.

        April 24              


 II, 1-46

  April 28     

 II, 47-65

 III, 1-86

 IV, 1-41

  May 1  

 IV, 42-135

 V, 1-24, 84-116                  

 VI, 1-32

  May 5  

VI, 33-105


VIII, 1-2


January Freshman Seminar Reading List

Second Semester - Summer 2014


June 2  Mon Sophocles: Antigone
  5  Thu Aristotle:

Ethics, I;II

  9  Mon  

Ethics, III:  1109b30-1119a20

            IV:  1123A34-1125a35

            V:   1129a3-1131a9,1134a16- 1135a14

  12 Thu   Ethics, VIII; IX
  16 Mon   Ethics, X
  19 Thu Lucretius: Nature of Things, I; II
  23 Mon  

Nature of Things, III; IV; V, 1379-end;

                               VI, 1-34, 1090-1286

  26 Thu Plato: Timaeus, 17-57d, and “System of the World” (copy)
  30 Mon Sophocles: Oedipus at Colonus
July 3  Thu Aristotle:

Physics, I: 184a9-184b14, 189b30-192b7

               II: 192b8-195b30

  7  Mon   Physics, II: 195b31-200b11
  10 Thu  

Physics, III: 200b12-202b29

               IV: 217b29-224a16

  14 Mon  

Physics, III: 202b30-208a25

               IV: 208a26-217b29

  17 Thu   Physics, VIII: 250b11-260a19, 265a13-267b27
  21 Mon   Second Semester Essays Due by Noon at Switchboard
  21 Mon Euripides: Bacchae
  24 Thu   Theaetetus, 142-186
  28 Mon   Theaetetus, 186-210
  31 Thu Plato: Phaedrus, 227a-258d
August 4  Mon   Phaedrus, 258d-end
  7  Thu Sophocles: Philoctetes








"The generation of mankind is like the generation of leaves. The wind scatters the leaves on the ground, but the living tree burgeons with leaves again in the spring."
- Homer