January Freshman Seminar Reading List

First Semester - Spring 2014


Janaury 20 Mon      Homer:

 Iliad, I-VI

  23 Thu    Iliad, VII-XII
  27 Mon    Iliad, XIII-XVIII
  30 Thu  

 Iliad, XIX-XXIV

 February 3  Mon Homer:  Odyssey, I-VIII
  6  Thu    Odyssey, IX-XVI
  10 Mon  

Odyssey, XVII-XXIV

  13 Thu Aeschylus:


  17 Mon  

Choephoroe (Libation Bearers)


  20 Thu Herodotus: Histories, I; III 37-38
  24 Mon   Histories, V 62-78; VI 94-140; VII 1-60, 99-end
  27 Thu   Histories, VIII-IX
 March 3 Mon Plato: Gorgias: 447a-481b: 447a-481b
  6 Thu   Gorgias: 481b-527c
  10 Mon   Meno
  13 Thu Sophocles: Oedipus Rex
  31 Mon Plato:  Republic, I
 April 3 Thu    Republic, II-III
  7 Mon    Republic, IV-V
  10 Thu    Republic, VI-VII
  14 Mon    Republic, VIII-IX
  17 Thu    Republic, X
  21 Mon    Aristophanes: Clouds
  21 Mon   First Semester Essays Due by Noon at Switchboard
  24 Thu  Thucydides:  Peloponnesian War  (see reverse side)
  28 Mon    Peloponnesian War
 May  1 Thu    Peloponnesian War
   5 Mon    Peloponnesian War
   8 Thu  Plato:  Symposium: 172a-201c
  12 Mon            Symposium:  201d-223d
  15 Thu    Apology, Crito
  19 Mon    Phaedo:  57a-89c
  22 Thu    Phaedo:  89c-118a


 While we recommend reading the entire work, the selections listed should be manageable in the allotted time.  Arabic numbers refer to standard paragraph numbers; these appear on the tops of the pages in the Modern Library edition and in the margins in the Penguin edition.

        April 24              


 II, 1-46

  April 28     

 II, 47-65

 III, 1-86

 IV, 1-41

  May 1  

 IV, 42-135

 V, 1-24, 84-116                  

 VI, 1-32

  May 5  

VI, 33-105


VIII, 1-2


January Freshman Seminar Reading List

Second Semester - Summer 2014


June 2  Mon Sophocles: Antigone
  5  Thu Aristotle:

Ethics, I;II

  9  Mon  

Ethics, III:  1109b30-1119a20

            IV:  1123A34-1125a35

            V:   1129a3-1131a9,1134a16- 1135a14

  12 Thu   Ethics, VIII; IX
  16 Mon   Ethics, X
  19 Thu Lucretius: Nature of Things, I; II
  23 Mon  

Nature of Things, III; IV; V, 1379-end;

                               VI, 1-34, 1090-1286

  26 Thu Plato: Timaeus, 17-57d, and “System of the World” (copy)
  30 Mon Sophocles: Oedipus at Colonus
July 3  Thu Aristotle:

Physics, I: 184a9-184b14, 189b30-192b7

               II: 192b8-195b30

  7  Mon   Physics, II: 195b31-200b11
  10 Thu  

Physics, III: 200b12-202b29

               IV: 217b29-224a16

  14 Mon  

Physics, III: 202b30-208a25

               IV: 208a26-217b29

  17 Thu   Physics, VIII: 250b11-260a19, 265a13-267b27
  21 Mon   Second Semester Essays Due by Noon at Switchboard
  21 Mon Euripides: Bacchae
  24 Thu   Theaetetus, 142-186
  28 Mon   Theaetetus, 186-210
  31 Thu Plato: Phaedrus, 227a-258d
August 4  Mon   Phaedrus, 258d-end
  7  Thu Sophocles: Philoctetes








"Masterpieces are not single and solitary births; they are the outcome of many years of thinking in common, of thinking by the body of the people, so that the experience of the mass is behind the single voice."
- Virginia Woolf