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Great Books from Within: College-Related Titles by St. John's Faculty and Alumni

AuthorTitles Available
Douglas Allanbrook Ethan Frome (CD)
Songs of Love and Death (CD)
Majesty of the Horn (CD)
Andre Barbera Euclidean Division of the Canon
Gisela Berns Greek Antiquity in Schiller's "Wallenstein"
David Bolotin An Approach to Aristotle's "Physics"
Plato's "Dialogue on Friendship"
Eva Brann Homeric Moments
Music of the Republic
Open Secrets/Inward Prospects
Paradoxes of Education in a Republic
Ways of Naysaying
What, Then, Is Time?
World of the Imagination
Scott Buchanan The Doctrine of Signatures
John Christensen
and Charles Bohl
McDowell Hall at St. John's College
in Annapolis, 1742-1989
Michael Comenetz Calculus: The Elements
Howard J. Fisher Faraday's Experimental Researches in Electricity
Harvey Flaumenhaft The Effective Republic
Mera J. Flaumenhaft Civic Spectacle
Henry Higuera Eros and Empire
Jacob Klein Lecture and Essays
Paul W. Ludwig Eros and Polis
Charles A. Nelson
W. McNeill
Radical Visions: Stringfellow Barr, Scott Buchanan
and Their Effortson Behalf of Education and Politics
in the Twentieth Century

Scott Buchanan: A Centennial Appreciation
of His Life and Work

Stringfellow Barr: A Centennial
Appreciation of His Life and Work
Peter Pesic Abel's Proof
Joe Sachs (trans.) De Anima
Nicomachean Ethics
Robert Sacks Book of "Job" with Commentary
Mark W. Sinnett Restoring the Conversation
J. Winfree Smith Search for the Liberal College
Tench Francis Tilghman Early History of St. John's College
in Annapolis
Stewart Umphrey Complexity and Analysis
Curtis Wilson Essays in Honor of Jacob Klein
Cordell Yee Word According to James Joyce
Eliott Zuckerman Shape of an Ear

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