Santa Fe Buildings & Grounds

Recycling Information


If you can rip it, recycle it; any color, any finish; clips, staples and bindings are okay. (But NO paper towels, tissues, napkins, liquids, or food waste.)

copy/computer paper magazines posters paper plates phonebooks/catalogues paper bags
cardstock newspapers manila envelopes greasy pizza boxes (no pizza) brochures milk cartons
sticky notes paper pads/notebooks file folders paper bags chipboard (cereal boxes, etc.) aseptic containers (juice box)
corrugated boxes (flattened) junk mail paper cups (waxy ok) hard/soft-cover books paperboard (frozen food box) calendars



Hard (rigid) plastics only; any number, any color; lids and caps are okay. (But NO soft plastics, like plastic bags; Styrofoam, including cups; and no liquids or food waste.)

clear bottles opaque bottles natural jugs (milk jug, etc.) opaque jugs (detergent bottle) clear cups (beverage cup)
any plastic utensils plates (disposable event plates) microwave food trays (no food) clear tubs (candy tub) opaque tubs (cottage cheese tub)
serving platters and lids clear clamshells (salad container) opaque cups (yogurt cup)    



Any metal, labels are okay. (But NO large scrap metal, electronics, liquids or food waste.)

steel cans (soup/tuna cans, etc.) aluminum cans aluminum foil (no food waste) serving trays and lids storage tins



Any glass food container; any color; lids and labels are okay. (But NO lab glass, mirrors, or ceramics.)

jars (pickle jar, etc.) bottles (soda bottle, etc.)r