Santa Fe Office Services

Office Services & Mail Room
Lower Level Weigle Hall


Office Services provides incoming and outgoing mail services, as well as photocopying services, for faculty, staff, and students of the Santa Fe campus. OS is located in the lower level of Weigle Hall, the main administration building, and is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Parents, friends, and family can send mail to their student at:
Student Name
St. John's College
1160 Camino Cruz Blanca
Santa Fe, NM 87505-4599

Students receive their mail in individual boxes by the Switchboard, on the first floor of Peterson Student Center. Mail is usually dropped at the Switchboard twice/day (Mon – Fri), mid-morning, and mid-afternoon. Switchboard staff then places the mail, or package slips, into individual boxes.

Package Slip Information
When a package arrives on campus, OS staff fills out a blue or yellow package slip that is then placed in the student’s box at the Switchboard. In order to retrieve the package from Office Services, the student MUST bring that slip and student ID with them. Some packages may require a signature.

Package Tracking Information
Please note that on-line tracking of packages can be misleading. For example, some USPS packages are “signed for” upon receipt at the Santa Fe post office, yet not delivered to campus until the next day. A tracking system’s notice of a package’s arrival does not necessarily mean that it has reached campus. The same can be true for UPS and other mail carriers.

The rule of thumb: a package is only available for student pick up upon receipt of a blue or yellow package slip in their mail box at the switchboard!

Reminder: the college does NOT receive mail on Saturday and Sunday. If you are mailing or receiving perishables, please try to schedule their voyage to arrive Monday through Friday, when Office Services is open.

Sending Mail
Office Services can send domestic and international mail and packages through USPS, UPS, and FedEx. OS can also send items via Certified Mail. Boxes and packing supplies are available.

Most OS photocopying is done for faculty and staff, however students can request copies for 5c/page. If the copying is for a student club or activity, be sure to check with the activity staff liaison for assistance. There are also public photocopiers in the library.