Student Health Office

Student Health and Wellness

The Student Health Office (SHO) an ambulatory primary care and mental health clinic open to currently enrolled students free of charge. The office is open Monday through Friday during the regular school year and on an abbreviated schedule during the summer session. It is located on the far west end of the Lower Dorm Area.

For a primary healthcare appointment, call x6418, or email santa

For a mental health appointment, call counselors directly at:

505-984-6419 (x6419) for LouRae Woody, or
505-984-6421 (x6421) for Ellen Elgart

→ Student Health Portal

Please follow the instructions below to log in to the Student Health Portal.

1. Click the Student Health Portal link above.
2. Do not enter a username and password initially. Instead, click REGISTER .
3. Read through the Terms of Use Agreement and click I AGREE and I UNDERSTAND. Then click NEXT.
4. Enter your Student ID and birth date, click NEXT. When entering your student ID number, it is necessary to enter an 11 digit number. Therefore, if the ID number you have is only 4-6 digits long, you will need to include enough leading zeros to make an 11 digit entry. For example, if your student ID is 123456, you will need to enter this as 00000123456 in order to register successfully.
5. Now create a username and password.
6. Log in with your new username and password.
7. Click IMMUNIZATION. Then click ADD NEW, and enter each vaccine you have received from the time you were born until the present. For questions about vaccines, contact the Student Health Office at santa
8. Click PROFILE. Complete the form as thoroughly as possible. Then click UPDATE.