Readmission Process

St. John’s Welcomes You Back

Not every Johnnie takes the same path to graduation. It took Odysseus quite a few years to return to Ithaca. Johnnies who have taken time off and return are among our most successful graduates.

We welcome Johnnies who withdrew from the college to return home to St. John’s.

Annapolis Readmission Application Santa Fe Readmission Application

Application Process

The application for readmission to the undergraduate program is simple. Complete the short online application and submit the $600 deposit. The Dean and Assistant Dean will quickly review your application and contact you with a decision. If you are not readmitted, the deposit will be returned.

Submit your application and deposit by the deadline for the term to which you seek readmission:

  • Fall Semester: February 15 (Priority Deadline)
    After February 15, ongoing/rolling readmission applications accepted
  • Spring Semester: August 1
  • Summer Semester: October 1

Financial Aid

If you intend to apply for need-based financial aid, you must submit the FAFSA (domestic students) or the CSS PROFILE (international students) online. Submit your FAFSA or CSS PROFILE by the deadline for the term to which you seek readmission:

  • Fall Semester: February 15
  • Spring Semester: August 1
  • Summer Semester: October 1

If you previously received a merit scholarship, the college will generally honor that scholarship. There is no need to submit a FAFSA or CSS PROFILE for a merit scholarship.

Readmission to a Different Campus

If you want to be readmitted to the college and transfer to a different campus, you may note that request on the application for readmission. The Dean and Assistant Dean on both campuses will review your application.

Readmission to the graduate Institute

The degrees offered by the Graduate Institute do not need to be completed in consecutive semesters (and often are not), although they must be completed within 8 years of matriculation. When a student in good standing, after having left the College for a semester or more, wishes to return to resume the degree, they simply supply timely notice to the Student Services Coordinator (in Annapolis) or the Graduate Institute Administrator (in Santa Fe), who will enroll the returning student in courses for the upcoming semester. Students not in good standing, or those who have not completed the degree within 8 years, must first petition the Associate Dean on the relevant campus before returning.


If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office on your campus: