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Student Health Insurance

Questions regarding your Health Insurance coverage and how to use your insurance should be directed to the Student Health Office. Sarah Jacobi, Medical Assistant, is available to assist you in navigating your insurance and helping with referrals, if needed. Please contact her at the Student Health Office 505-984-6418 (x6418) or at

The Bollinger plan will no longer be the College’s Student Health Plan after August 21, 2013. Students who are covered by the Bollinger Student Health Plan will need to follow the following protocols for submission of claims if care is received any time before August 21. If you have coverage questions, you may call Bollinger at 1-866-267-0092 or go to their website at Bollinger claim forms will continue to be available in order to finalize claims into the Fall Semester. Claim forms are available in the treasurer’s office, the SHO, and online at

If a student seeks care out outside the SHO; i.e. ER, Urgent Care, or specialist; the student must file a claim form with Bollinger in order for payment to occur. Students insured through Bollinger wishing to seek specialist care, must first be seen in the SHO where a referral can be made and a claim form signed. Bollinger will not pay for care provided by an outside provider unless a student seeks a referral from the SHO first. A claim form signed by the nurse practitioner must be obtained and filed with Bollinger. If you need assistance with claims or have coverage questions, call Bollinger College Claims at 1-866-267-0092.

Starting on August 21, 2013, the Student Health Insurance Plan will be with United Healthcare. This plan is more comprehensive and provides more thorough coverage than the coverage previously available. Please go to the following website to enroll and explore the resources available to you through this new plan:

Please make note that the new plan offers access to some valuable resources. St. John’s Students may utilize these resources even if they are not enrolled in the United Healthcare Student Plan.

These include the Collegiate Assistance Center which offers advice and decision-making resources. The Nurse Advice Line is available at this toll-free number 24 hours a day – 7 days a week at 877-643-5130.

Also, there is a health and wellness education website associated with this plan. The link is

Questions about the plan and enrollment should be directed to the following email address: