Santa Fe Office of the Registrar

Transcript / Record Requests

All Alumni/Former student requests for OFFICIAL transcripts must be ordered through –

Click here to order your BA Official Transcript from Parchment

Note: Undergraduate Official transcripts can be sent with supporting documentation that provides the recipient of your transcript additional, valuable information about the St. John’s program and the coursework you undertook.  At this time, Parchment does not include this supporting documentation with orders delivered  via the postal service, or other expedited delivery services.  You may wish to consider placing your order for electronic (rather than paper) transcripts since transcript support documents are automatically attached to that form of delivery.  If you are required to, or choose to order mailed transcripts, you are advised to convey the support documents found at the ‘Transcript Support’ link above to the recipient of your transcript(s) with the directive that the support documents be adjoined to your paper transcript (sent by Parchment).  

Click here to order your MA (Liberal Arts) Official Transcript from Parchment
Click here to order your MA (Eastern Classics) Official Transcript from Parchment

Parchment can attend to all your official transcript needs: secure electronic transcripts or paper transcripts sent by land mail or expedited delivery.

For Unofficial Transcripts, click here or visit the Office of the Registrar.