Readmission and Withdrawal


A student who has withdrawn from the college and later wishes to return should contact the Registrar by email or phone asking for a Readmission Application. Upon completion, the form should be returned to the Registrar along with an attached letter to the Dean describing activities in the interim and explaining why the student now wishes to continue with the St. John’s Program. An advance deposit of $500 should also accompany the application. To avoid being put on a waiting list, it is advisable to apply for readmission to the fall semester by the third Monday in February. Applications for the spring semester should be received by August 1. Students who have outstanding balances on their accounts will not be considered for readmission until the balance is paid.

Application for Readmission

Readmission to a Different Campus

A student must apply to the campus last attended for readmission and, contingent on the approval of the readmission application, for transfer to the other campus. A $500 advance deposit applies. The usual readmission and transfer procedures and standards then apply. Both the Readmission and Transfer Applications must be received by the third Monday in February, 5 p.m., at the Office of the Registrar. It is advisable to complete the Readmission process by late January early February.


Students who are considering withdrawing from the college should weigh the decision carefully. Friends, student residents, tutors, or members of the administrative staff should be consulted before making a final decision.

If a student withdraws prior to the 3/4-point of any class, the withdrawal will result in no academic credit for the class. A “W” will appear on the transcript. If a student withdraws after the 3/4-point of any class, a grade of “F” will be assigned, credited and appear on the student’s transcript. Like the assignment of an “F” due to a violation of the attendance policy, the “F” is considered an academic failure, not an administrative consequence. In such cases, an appeal to the Dean to receive a “W” is possible if there are mitigating circumstances.

For those students who have withdrawn after the seventh week of the term, tutors will convene a don rag for the withdrawn student as scheduled. The quality of the student’s work up until the point of his or her withdrawal will be reported on and whenever possible, a letter grade for this work will be assigned. This not-for-credit grade will not appear on the student’s transcript, but like the narrative don rag report, it will become part of the student’s academic file.

Untimely withdrawals may involve considerable financial disadvantage, especially for those receiving financial assistance. Refund policies for tuition, room, and board are described in the Student Handbook. Consequences regarding financial aid awards should be discussed with the Director of Financial Aid.

If a decision to withdraw has been made, the student should obtain a withdrawal form from the Registrar and make an appointment for an exit interview with the Assistant Dean. It is very important to follow the formal procedure for withdrawal because, otherwise, questions of refunds or debts to the college will not have been resolved. Parents or guardians of dependent students who withdraw maybe notified.

A student intending to leave the college at the conclusion of any semester should inform the Registrar of that fact as early as possible. It is difficult for the college to plan for the upcoming semester without full information about student intentions.