Letter From Admissions Directors

Who should be a Johnnie?

St. John’s College is eclectic, unusual, and amazingly successful, just like our students.  Our students and alums call themselves Johnnies with great pride, and it is fair to say that the education here, with its focus on Great Books, strong ideas, and courteous but demanding conversation, is different from any other college in the country.  It is not right for everyone, but it is a bold choice.

We don’t know if St. John’s will be the right college for you; if you apply, we don’t know now if you will be admitted.  We can, however, promise that our admission teams in Annapolis and Santa Fe will help you find out whether St. John’s College is a place where you can thrive.  We promise that we will treat you with courtesy and respect no matter what the admission decision is. You might be surprised. Johnnies come from everywhere and have different backgrounds.

That IS our promise:  We will treat you with dignity, make the process as easy as possible, and be honest about the education we offer.  We want to help you find out if you could, even should, become a Johnnie.


Benjamin Baum and Yvette Sobky Shaffer

Directors of Admission

St. John’s College

Annapolis, Maryland and Santa Fe, New Mexico


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