Students study the liberal arts through seminar-style discussion classes whether at the Annapolis campus or the Santa Fe campus pictured here.
These books make up a part of The Great Books Program, which is the foundation for undergraduate and graduate liberal arts education at St. John's College.
Students at the Annapolis campus of St. John's College pursue a wide variety of interests outside of the liberal arts including theater, intramural sports, crew, sailing, foreign languages, and international relations.
St. John’s College students pursue life outside the classroom with the same passion and intensity that they bring to their liberal arts studies.
The academically rigorous program at St. John's College is not all that attracts students to the Annapolis campus. When not busy reading or discussing the Great Books of philosophy, literature, mathematics, and science, students enjoy what life in Annapol
The St. John's Santa Fe campus is one of two campuses of St. John's College, where active study of the liberal arts extends from discussion classes to life outside of the classroom.
The Graduate Institute (GI) offers master’s programs for students of all ages who hold bachelor’s degrees and wish to pursue the fundamental questions of the human experience.
The student to faculty ratio at the liberal arts college, St. John's College, is very small, only 8:1, allowing students to get to know their professors and fostering close academic relationships that help students learn and grow.
The aim of the Eastern Classics program is to help students seek a deeper understanding of the fundamental and enduring questions that have been raised by thoughtful human beings in the rich traditions of the East.
St. John's College student life is a special blend of academic intensity in the liberal arts balanced out by a strong sense of community and an active social scene.

Welcome to St. John’s College

Excellence of intellect and imagination. These qualities of mind are the hallmark of a St. John's education, achieved through intensive, wide-ranging study and a campus culture of open-minded discussion.

  • World-renowned liberal arts college with undergraduate and graduate academic programs based on the study of the most important books, containing great ideas from a wide array of subjects and fields
  • Curious, passionate students devoted to collaborative discussion and inquiry
  • Faculty who model a commitment to discovery and learning across disciplines
  • Beautiful campuses in extraordinary settings
  • Accomplished alumni prospering in personal and professional lives
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