Applying to St. John’s

process01.jpgYou can apply online or download application forms to send in via the mail. All of the application options are acceptable, and each is given equal consideration by the Admissions Committee. There are special instructions for international students and U.S. Veterans and their dependents.

The admissions requirements for St. John's are typical of those for other liberal arts colleges, but St. John's does not follow a formulaic approach to test scores and grade point averages. Instead, the college offers applicants the opportunity to describe their educational experiences and aspirations in a short set of essays. Because we welcome all serious applicants, we charge no application fee.

We ask that applicants think reflectively about their own educational goals as part of the process. Your thoughts should be described in your admissions essays (which are included as a Supplement to The Common Application). Is St. John's a good fit for you, and are you a good fit for St. John's? These are the central questions that we hope you will think about as you prepare your application. The Admissions Committee—five tutors (faculty members) and the director of Admissions on each campus—considers your application in light of these same questions.

Important factors considered in the admissions decision are: the set of essays you are asked to write specifically for St. John's, your academic record, letters of reference, and if you think they will lend weight to your application, your test scores.

The Admissions Committee's decisions are not influenced by race, religion, sex, age, color, sexual orientation, physical handicaps or national or ethnic origin of an applicant, or by any other factors unrelated to the work of the college. Need for financial assistance does not affect the committee's decisions on admission. If you are accepted, you may enroll at either campus as long as space is available.

Check the FAQ page and the freshman class profile for more information.