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Early Decision

You Know St. John’s College is Your First Choice

Early Decision 1: Apply by November 1 (decision returned by December 1)
Early Decision 2: Apply by January 15 (decision returned by February 1)

For applicants who have done their research, are excited by our Great Books curriculum, and know that the seminar table is where they belong—apply Early Decision!

With Early Decision (ED), you submit your signed Early Decision Agreement and receive your admission decision early. At St. John’s, we prioritize ED applicants because we know this is the education you want above all else, and you will be eligible for the most robust merit scholarships and need-based financial aid, on an earlier timeline.

ED is a binding application option for students confident in their choice to become Johnnies. While students applying ED are welcome to submit applications to other institutions, they may not apply ED at any other institutions, and they are expected to withdraw any in-progress applications if they are admitted to St. John’s.

There are two times to apply ED. Submit your application for ED1 by November 1 and receive your admission decision by December 1. Submit your application for ED2 by January 15 and receive your admission decision by February 1.

ED1 applicants seeking need-based financial aid should submit the CSS Profile by November 1, and ED2 applicants by January 15, in order to receive a financial aid offer at the time of admission. US citizens and permanent residents must submit the 2024-25 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) when it becomes available (currently scheduled by the Department of Education for December 2023). While ED is a binding process, if the financial aid package is not affordable for your family, St. John’s will release you from the Early Decision Agreement and withdraw your application. You will not be eligible to reapply in the same academic year.


Applicants for both St. John’s campuses may apply Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision, or Rolling Admission for the fall. Students also have the option of applying for Rolling Admissions throughout the fall semester for a spring start through the January Freshman Program.

Early Decision 1 November 1 December 1
Early Decision 2 January 15 February 1
Early Action November 15 December 15
Regular Decision January 15 February 15
Rolling Admission (Fall) after February 15 Within 2-3 weeks
Rolling Admission (Spring) until January 1 Within 2–3 weeks