Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a study abroad program?

Because the St. John’s curriculum is comprehensive, we do not have a study abroad program, but many of our students do study or travel abroad during the summers. Our Career Services Office keeps information on study abroad programs offered through other institutions and can help St. John's students find suitable opportunities.

Do you offer AP credit or IB credit?

St. John's does not offer any sort of credit (even for work done at other colleges) or advanced placement because our curriculum is all-required, but we do recognize the level of work represented by AP or International Baccalaureate courses and we take that into account in reaching application decisions. Students who have completed such work would not be "repeating things" at St. John’s because our approach to the material and the kinds of issues we try to consider are not primarily rooted in an accumulation of facts or technical information

Will my credits transfer to other colleges if I leave St. John’s?

All work done at the college is fully accredited and transferable to other colleges and universities. The college provides the receiving institution with a key that breaks our program down into conventional units by subject area.

How do your students go on to graduate school without any majors?

It is a common misconception that to enter a particular field of graduate or professional study you need a corresponding undergraduate major. Our students regularly go on to advanced study at leading institutions all across the country in almost any field imaginable, even though they have all followed the same undergraduate program. The college, in fact, ranks in the top 3% of all colleges and universities in the United States in the percentage of its students who earn doctoral degrees. See Career Services section for more information.

Can I apply for early entrance (without finishing high school)?

Each year the college admits a handful of students who do not plan to complete a high school diploma. Usually, these students are coming to college midway through their senior year or directly from 11th grade. Applicants for early entrance should have strong records and good reasons for leaving high school early. Typically, these applicants have completed all the solid academic work available to them in their high schools and need to move on to be challenged.

Do I or don't I need to submit SAT scores?

It's up to you. Technically, the college does not require most applicants to submit any standardized test scores. In practice, over 70 percent of our applicants do submit them. No one is admitted or denied admission simply on the basis of such scores; they are only one of many factors we consider. Applicants who will not earn high school diplomas must submit the results of any nationally recognized standardized test (SAT, PSAT, or ACT). Foreign students must submit the results of SAT1.

Do you accept home-schooled students?

The college welcomes home-schooled students. Applications from home-schoolers must include the results of a nationally recognized standardized test (SAT, PSAT, or ACT) and a detailed account of the curriculum followed. Otherwise, the application procedure is the same as for regular applicants.

What is your minority enrollment?

Typically, about 12 percent of students identify themselves as members of a minority. Because everyone in the college is taking the same program, minority and international students find that they are immediately part of mainstream campus social and academic life rather than members of some identifiable subset.