Housing Questionnaire

Welcome to St. John's College! The Director of Student Services uses this information to make roommate assignments for on-campus housing. The sooner you submit this form, the easier it is to place you with a compatible roommate. The Assistant Dean's Office helps students learn how to live together in a small academic community. Please e-mail us should you have questions about any aspect of college life.

Katherine Heines, Assistant Dean
410-626-2512, katherine.heines(at)sjc.edu

Taylor Waters, Director of Student Services
410-626-2512, taylor.waters(at)sjc.edu

Three Reminders:

  1. All unmarried freshmen are required to live in the dormitories and to be on the 21 meal plan.
  2. Housing regulations, outlined in the Student Handbook, must be respected by all members of the community.
  3. The Sleep-Study Rule is considered the primary principle governing life in residence, to wit: No student shall knowingly interfere with the sleep or study of another student.

Smoking is prohibited in all campus buildings by Maryland state law. Smoking has designated outdoor areas. Many people are sensitive or allergic to the smell of cigarette smoke on a person's clothing or find it otherwise objectionable. Do you:
The situation: It is midnight, and you are writing your annual essay, which is not coming along easily. You are becoming stressed. Your roommate asks if he or she could put on some music. Do you:

The situation: It is the third week, and people are settling down to customary habits. Your roommates are "night people." Far into the night they are up reading, typing, and socializing in your room. You prefer: *

The situation: On a grey wet Saturday, you awaken. Books, papers, coffee cups, and clothes are strewn around haphazardly. A popcorn bag has spilled its detritus into your good shoes. Your roommate is asleep amidst a convulsed swirl of trash. You react: *

Do you give permission for us to give your name, phone number, and/or email address to your future roommates? *