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Alumni Seminar Programs

Piraeus 2017

June 8-11 | Annapolis and Santa Fe

The ancient port of Athens, the Piraeus, is a lively juncture of departures and homecomings. As in the days of Socrates, it represents the pulse-point of the community. A reunion, a chance encounter, a new beginning, an opportunity for renewal and reconnection—all these possibilities exist at the Piraeus.

At Piraeus, St. John’s College welcomes alumni back to the seminar table. Held on both campuses and led by tutors, Piraeus seminars provide an opportunity to relive the rigorous classroom experience over the course of a leisurely weekend. Named for the port city that served Athens, Piraeus brings alumni from all career paths and geographical areas back to their educational roots. Said Thucydides of ancient Piraeus, "From all the lands, everything enters.” In that spirit, we invite you to bring your voice back to the seminar table and share in the reflection, discussion, and community that Piraeus offers.

We invite you to register for Piraeus 2017.

Annapolis Seminars

  • Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins with Zena Hitz (A95) and Eric Salem (A77)
  • Vergil’s Aeneid with Tom May and David Townsend
  • Austen’s Persuasion with Eva Brann (H89) and Erica Beall (A07)

Santa Fe Seminars

  • Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man with Grant Franks (A77) and Maggie McGuinness
  • Selected fictions by Jorge Luis Borges with Michael Wolfe (SF94)

Additional Opportunities

Interested in additional tutor-led seminar opportunities? We invite you to explore the Summer Classics offerings. Chapters also host seminars across the country. To learn about seminar opportunities in your area, please visit the Alumni Chapter Events Calendar or visit the Alumni Chapter Directory to contact the chapter leader.