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Alumni Seminar Programs

2018 Spring Alumni Seminars

June 14-17 in Annapolis

Via Spring Alumni Seminars, St. John’s College welcomes alumni back to the seminar table. Held in Annapolis and led by faculty, Spring Alumni Seminars provide an opportunity to relive the rigorous classroom experience over the course of a leisurely weekend. Alumni from all career paths and geographical areas return to their educational roots. We invite you to bring your voice back to the seminar table and share in the reflection, discussion, and community that are the unique hallmarks of the St. John’s experience.

The Spring Alumni Seminar Program will be held on the Annapolis campus June 14-17, 2018. On-campus housing is available in the dormitories, with meals in the Dining Hall.

See the Full Schedule for 2018 Spring Alumni Seminars

The seminar offerings are:

The Four Quartets of T. S. Eliot
led by David Townsend and Tom May

Practicing the craft of poetry with keen intellect, philosophical range, and meditative faith, Eliot may be the most famous poet of the past century. He presents music and gripping images in search of objective correlatives for his personal, psychic, and spiritual torment. His deep spirituality and vividly searing sensual images mirror the human condition. The Four Quartets may be his most significant and enduring work. We will examine meaning, structure, image, symbol, music, phrasing, motives, and themes in the sound and sense of these four powerful quartets.

  1. “Burnt Norton”
  2. “East Coker”
  3. “The Dry Salvages”
  4. “Little Gidding”

A Comedy and a Tragedy by Shakespeare
led by Eva Brann (H89) and Panayiotis Kanelos

Longtime tutor Eva Brann will be joined by our new president on the Annapolis campus, Panayiotis Kanelos, for an exploration of a comedy (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and a tragedy (Hamlet) by William Shakespeare. Full of wordplay and double meaning, Shakespeare’s plays contrast and illumine while they entertain. The conversation will be rich as we explore these contrary but complementary plays.

Additional Opportunities

Interested in additional seminar opportunities? We invite you to explore on-campus seminar opportunities via Summer Classics and our Community Seminar offerings in Annapolis and Santa Fe. Chapters also host seminars across the country. To learn about seminar opportunities in your area, please visit the Alumni Chapter Events Calendar or visit the Alumni Chapter Directory to contact your local chapter leader.