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Books by Johnnies showcases the scope of publications produced by St. John’s College faculty and alumni. Add your voice to this diverse collection, which elevates Johnnies' contribution to the world of ideas and of imagination.

Before continuing with the submission process, please have the following materials prepared:

  • High resolution image of cover art or image related to the work at the minimum of 880px high. To help increase your own digital footprint, we recommend you name your image file as follows: LastName_FirstName_Book-Title. Our platform can accept either JPG or PNG.
  • The URL where your book can be acquired or viewed
  • A compelling and concise third-person summary of your work (300 words or less)
  • The URL of your professional website or social media, if available

Additional information such as recognitions or awards your book has received is helpful to the curation team in selecting books to be featured in the curated collection process. These recognition include:

  • A statement of significance
  • Awards
  • Book review quotes or url links to full reviews
  • Sales or citation numbers

You may save a draft of your submission along the way. Please carefully review your content prior to hitting the SUBMIT button. Once you do so, you will not be able to edit it again. All further changes will need to be submitted through a change request process, which you can do so through the system.

Once your submission has been completed you will receive a confirmation email. The approval process may take as long as two to three weeks. Once approved you will receive another email notifying you that your book is now included in the database.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, Book By Johnnies only accepts published books. Learn how we define what is a book here.