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One of the oldest and most distinctive liberal arts colleges in the United States, St. John’s is known for its academic program in which students explore the great books of Western civilization—timeless works of mathematics, literature, science, music, philosophy, and much more—and participate in small, discussion-based classes. The student body is 15 to 20 percent international with representation from over 25 countries, bringing diverse viewpoints to a community that shares a love of learning both inside and outside the classroom.

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Key Facts

  • Founded 1696
  • BA in Liberal Arts, MA in Liberal Arts, MA in Eastern Classics
  • Rigorous great books program with interdisciplinary classes that cover topics in literature, philosophy, political science, history, religion, economics, psychology, mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics, music, language, and more
  • All classes discussion-based with 20 students or fewer
  • Campuses in two historic capital cities: Annapolis, Maryland (near Washington, D.C.) and Santa Fe, New Mexico (in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains)
  • 450 students in Annapolis, 400 students in Santa Fe
  • Students may spend a year or more on either campus
  • Top-ten college in the United States for the percentage of students who receive PhDs in the humanities. 70% of students pursue graduate degrees
  • No religious affiliation
  • Financial aid is available for international students based on need and merit

Contact Us

Amanda Stevens
Associate Director of Admissions
443-949-5964 Cell

Randall Hollensbe
Associate Director of Admissions
Santa Fe-based
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