Intramural Athletics

St. John’s intramural program, for men and women, is a mainstay of the college’s extracurricular life. Regardless of skill level, students are able to discover (or re-discover) the joy of amateur athletics in a welcoming setting. Participants emphasize teamwork, exercise, and friendly competition, not rankings.

Santa Fe Intramurals Soccer Game

Every student, faculty, and staff member is automatically allocated by name to one of four intramural teams (though participation is voluntary). Teams are: Geometers, Quixotics, Myrmidons, and Olympians.

The intramural program includes team competition in Ultimate Frisbee, flag football, basketball, dodgeball, four square, floor hockey and more. Alumni, siblings, faculty, staff, and parents may participate.

Points are earned at each game by students in the hopes of achieving the highest and most coveted award—the navy blazer!