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Facility and Residence Safety

Security and Access Policy

Most campus buildings and facilities are generally accessible to members of the campus community, guests, and visitors during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Certain facilities may also be open for designated hours on evenings and weekends. Exterior doors on campus buildings are locked and secured each evening by public safety personnel. Residence hall exterior doors are generally locked 24 hours. When the residence halls are locked, entrance (where applicable) is gained by use of a valid St. John’s ID card.

Safety Tips

Be aware of who is in your residence hall.
If you do not recognize someone, it is appropriate to politely ask them who their host might be. If they appear suspicious, do not hesitate to call Security immediately.

Keep your room locked.
This is advisable whether or not you are in your room.

Do not prop open doors that are normally kept locked for security reasons.
Just don’t do this.

Do not leave money or valuables in open or obvious places, such as desks, the bed, outdoor benches, or on the steps to the library.
This may create a temptation and an easy target for someone you may not suspect.

Keep your room key and identification with you.
Even if you must go down the hall to take a shower, keep the key close.