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Living on the Santa Fe Campus

The Santa Fe campus rests in the foothills of the southern Rocky Mountains. From the dorms and classrooms, students see a dramatic panorama of blue sky and mountains. And yet downtown Santa Fe—with its artists, Southwestern cuisine, and street vendors—is just a quick bike ride away. Since 1964, Johnnies have studied the great books in this setting, exploring the likes of Plato, Newton, and Austen during class, on the placita, or in the student-run coffee shop. Between the outdoor opportunities and the artistic influence of the Southwest, students have ample opportunities to enrich their lives outside the classroom. Learn why St. John’s College in Santa Fe is a top liberal arts college.


The campus has 19 residence halls, many of which feature rooms with balconies and gorgeous views of the nearby mountains.

Discover the Residences at St. John's

The campus dining hall and coffee shop have many food and drink options.

Learn about Dining at St. John's