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Religious and Spiritual Life

St. John’s College doesn’t have any religious affiliation, but students of all religious and spiritual backgrounds are welcomed at St. John’s. The college embraces its role as a home for thoughtful students of deep faith, different faiths, and no faith.

Johnnies, as they are known, drop words such as “truth” and “virtue” in casual conversation.
Washington Post

Some of the student groups include the Christian Prayer Group, Shammai (Jewish), the Orthodox Christian Fellowship, and Men’s and Women’s Christian Fellowships. In the undergraduate curriculum, all students study important religious texts, including the Bible, Augustine, Aquinas, Maimonides, and more. Students relish the opportunity to discuss these texts with classmates from different perspectives and faiths. Elective preceptorial classes during junior and senior year often include texts from Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious traditions. In the Graduate Institute, one of the four semester-long segments focuses exclusively on philosophy and theology.

St. John’s is a place in which the entire community is continually exploring the deepest questions that motivate philosophical and religious thought. What is truth? What does it mean to live a good human life? What are our obligations to one another? What can we know about the ultimate nature of reality? Both inside and outside the classroom, the perspective of students of faith is part of an ongoing dialogue about the deepest questions of existence that permeates the college culture.
–​​​​​​​Emily Langston, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs

Santa Fe is a vibrant city with a variety of places of worship. Explore the options below.