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Visit Santa Fe Graduate Institute

Admissions Visits for Santa Fe Graduate Institute

SCHEDULE visit with the Graduate Institute


Campus Visits are in-person, on-campus opportunities to explore St. John's. During your visit to either the Annapolis or Santa Fe Campus, you'll meet with a representative from the Graduate Institute, tour campus, and sit in on at least one class to see an example of the classroom. We look forward to welcoming you!

Virtual appointments

Virtual Appointments are a great opportunity to have a candid, individual meeting via video chat with your admissions counselor.  This is a great option to find out more about St. John’s, ask questions about programs or groups that you’re particularly interested in, or talk more thoroughly about the application process.

Admissions Interviews are offered to applying students, and are a chance for us to spend some one-on-one time getting to know you.  We highly recommend interviewing, and look forward to talking with you!

virtual Class Observations

Virtual Class Observations are available on select Monday - Thursday evenings to interested students, and are an opportunity to observe our discussion and teaching first hand. You can register on the online calendar, or reach out to Susan (505-984-6112 | email) with additional questions.

High School Counselors and Teachers

We'd love to talk with you more, or set up a time to meet with your students. Please reach out to admissions(at) to connect with us.

Information for Teachers and Counselors

Admissions Visits for Santa Fe Undergraduate Students

Learn more about Admissions events for undergraduate students.