Since 1982, Johnnies on the Annapolis campus have faced off against the midshipmen of the U.S. Naval Academy in a friendly-but-fierce rivalry for the Annapolis Cup and bragging rights as the best croquet team in town.

In 2022, after a two-year hiatus, the Naval Academy graciously hosted the Annapolis Cup with St. John’s College for the first time on Saturday, April 9. The resulting loss for St. John’s brought the overall record to 30 wins for Johnnies and 8 for the Naval Academy’s midshipmen.

The tradition returns to the St. John’s College campus on April 15, 2023. The event is being re-envisioned to provide the best experience for St. John’s students and alumni. Additional details to come.

In the meantime, read more below about the history and tradition surrounding croquet at St. John’s, view a slideshow of photos from this year’s match, and don’t forget the many free college events on campus, including art exhibits, musical and theatrical productions, and lectures and community seminars year-round that are open to the public. Visit the Events Calendar to learn more.

Croquet Quick Facts

The match between St. John's and the Naval Academy dates back to the early 1980s.

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