Summer Classics

Online: 4 Weeks in July 2021
In-person, Santa Fe, NM: July 11–16 and July 18–23

Seminar topics and schedule posted here no later than February 5, 2021
Registration opens online February 8, 2021

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A Summer Classics seminar is not a lecture, nor is it a book club. At St. John’s, seminars are weeklong lively, in-depth, and highly participatory conversations on enduring works of art, literature, philosophy, political theory, cinema, science, and more. Beyond the learning that takes place from both the works and one another, attendees describe their experience as transformational and restorative.

Discussions begin with an opening question presented by faculty who Princeton Review has named the second finest in the nation. Everyone contributes to the conversation, whether they have expertise in the topic or not. For a personalized, in-depth experience, online seminars are limited to 12 participants.


This year’s theme, “Wanderlust,” provides points of departure for that span countries and centuries. We chart journeys in realms both literal and metaphorical: the lone sailor Ishmael’s voyage on the whale ship Pequod in Melville’s Moby-Dick; the passionate European sojourn of Mr. Strether in Henry James’s The Ambassadors; the merging of inner and outer quests reflected in 17th-century Japanese poet Basho’s travel journals; and the discovery of galaxies beyond the Milky Way through the work of cosmologists Henrietta Leavitt and Edwin Hubble.

What better way to social distance than to join this virtual journey with others through thoughtful, guided discussions?


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2021 offerings available February 2021.

Reconnect and Restore at Summer Classics

“It is a culturally, mind-enhancing week filled with wonderful conversation and enlightenment. The fellowship is as rich as the literature.”