Summer Classics Registration Policies

Summer Classics Tuition

  • In-person tuition for Summer Classics is $1,350 per individual seminar.
    • Note: The seminar for “Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde” is $1,450, which includes a ticket for the Santa Fe Opera.
  • Online tuition for Summer Classics is $850 per individual seminar.

In-person tuition includes registration, weekday lunches, lectures, special events, and library and gym access. Online Tuition includes registration, and optional online events. See Resources for Participants for more details.

Full payment is due at the time of reservation. A partial refund is available for cancellations made before June 1, 2022.

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Science Institute Tuition

  • In-person tuition for the Science Institute is $2,100 per individual seminar.
    • Note: The seminar for “A Matter of Taste: Gastronomical Explorations Between Literature, Philosophy, and Science” is $2,200, which includes a lab fee for food and supplies.
  • Online tuition for the Science Institute is $1,500 per individual seminar.

The Science Institute sessions meet twice daily for one week. Tuition includes registration, supplemental course materials, and optional events. See Resources for Participants for more details.

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Teacher Tuition Assistance

St. John’s College offers tuition assistance to full-time licensed teachers (K–12). With proof of current employment as an educator, participants receive a 50% discount on seminar tuition. Discounts are available to the first 30 teacher registrants. When registering online, please select the “Educator” pricing and proceed when prompted to enter eligibility requirements and contact information of someone who is authorized to verify your employment during checkout. For additional questions about this discount, please contact santafe.classics(at)

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Multiple-Seminar Participants

Multiple-seminar registrants will have the option to receive text materials by mail, provided by the college through the college bookstore. Book distribution for multiple-seminar registrants begins in March 2022 and will continue on a rolling basis. Those who qualify will be contacted in advance of books being mailed. (Multiple-seminar discounts are no longer available.)

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Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and must notify the Summer Classics office that he or she is a minor at the time of registration. Persons under the age of 18 may find our Summer Academy more appropriate for their participation.

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No-Fee Seminar Changes

No-fee seminar changes offer registrants flexibility. If for any reason you need or prefer to switch your seminar, you can transfer your enrollment to any other seminar with an open space, at no extra cost.

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A partial refund of 75% of the total seminar fee is available for cancellations made before June 1, 2022.

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Wait List

If a seminar is listed as “sold out” on the online registration page, please register your interest using the online wait list form. No fee is required to join the wait list.

If a spot in the desired seminar becomes available, those on the wait list will be offered the spot in the order that they joined the wait list.

If you are contacted and offered an open spot, you will be asked to respond in a specific number of days to claim the seat. If you decline or we don’t hear from you in the allotted time, then the seat will be released either to the next person on the wait list or, if the wait list has been exhausted, the seminar will be reopened to new registrants online.

Occasionally, a large wait list will indicate a level of interest that warrants exploring the addition of a new seminar section, therefore we invite you to use the wait list so we can best serve you.

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COVID-19 Related Policies

The college is following the State of New Mexico and City of Santa Fe mandates for safe operation due to the ongoing pandemic. Summer Classics is adhering to the college’s plan that guides continued campus activities. The dashboard resource page is updated weekly and outlines the factors guiding current conditions and operations.

While the dashboard is primarily addressing degree program students, these standards apply to non-degree seminars offered by the college. First priority for safe activities will be given to enrolled degree program students, particularly in the matrix color-phases when de-densification is a factor.

The in-person seminars will be held in-person, provided infection rates are in safe zones, as described on our dashboard. On campus program participants will be asked to follow guidelines that are applicable to our campus population and campus policies. Those guidelines will be determined as July approaches and could include a range of common practices such as social distancing, tented outdoor activities, masks, vaccination or negative COVID-19 tests.

If the college cancels in-person programming due to factors related to the pandemic, full tuition refunds will be granted to in-person seminar participants. In lieu of a refund, the participant could apply their in-person tuition payments to an online seminar of their choice with available capacity. When possible, in-person seminars will be offered online and participants will elect to continue online or receive a refund.

If a participant cancels and the college’s in-person programs are continuing, refund policies apply.

Our policies aim to optimistically plan for in-person programming, while acknowledging that there is unpredictability inherent in plans for this summer. We advise you to make your enrollment decision in line with your level of comfort with this unpredictability.

The college reserves the right to make decisions deemed necessary for our entire community, including the health and safety of all Summer Classics participants. We pledge to communicate with participants throughout the spring and early summer time period.

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Other Policies

Tutor Substitution

The college reserves the right to make tutor substitutions if necessary. All affected registrants will be notified of a tutor substitution.

Low Enrollment

The college reserves the right to cancel a seminar due to low enrollment. All registrants in a cancelled seminar qualify for a full refund, and would be offered priority enrollment into an alternative seminar of their choice with available capacity.


Should a seminar need to be cancelled due to a natural disaster or similar event, participants will be notified by email, and every attempt will be made to reschedule.

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