Summer Classics Seminars 2024

The Summer Classics theme for July 2024, On the Motion of the Heart, takes its inspiration from a Science Institute seminar inviting readers to delve into the work of William Harvey, a 17th-century English physician whose discoveries about human circulation laid the foundation for modern cardiology. When we speak of the heart, we might—as in the case of Harvey— be referring strictly to anatomy, but it’s just as likely that we are alluding to emotion in general, to courage in particular, or to what is considered essential. Just as the topic itself is multifaceted, so is the approach to it taken by Summer Classics.

The themes of the heart appear throughout many of the seminars being taught at St. John’s College this July.

Spend some time this summer with the enduring works of art that speak to us across the ages. St. John’s welcomes you on campus or online for an exploration of this deeply human topic, as well as countless others. Whether we are peering through the lenses of science and mathematics, philosophy and poetry, literature and history, or opera and cinema, every subject and every text is approached with complexity and nuance.

Seminar Catalog by Category