Clubs and Organizations

Students run organizations of all kinds on the Annapolis campus, including Film Society, Political Forum, Story-tellers, Alternate Euclid Proofs Group, Reality (the campus party hosting organization), and the Gadfly (student newspaper). Some students become voting members of the Delegate Council and debate the merits of student club funding proposals; they also use this forum to have their voices heard in campus community discussions.

If there’s an activity that doesn’t yet exist at the college, students may launch their own by finding a group of other interested students and starting a club.

Art & Theater

The Art Society, Film Society and King William Players allow students to explore their creative interests.

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Community Involvement

Students can get involved by joining a club, finding service opportunities, or volunteering with a group of other Johnnies!

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Waltz, Swing, & Dance

Love to waltz? Want to learn how to swing dance? Student dances offer the opportunity to do it all from hip-hop to limbo contests.

Dance at St. John's
Learning Beyond the Classroom

Study groups and other group activities offer the opportunity for meaningful discussions outside the classroom.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

All St. John’s students study the elements of music. Students, faculty and staff also sing and play in a variety of music groups, and perform on campus throughout the year.

Sing, Study and Play Music
Student Government

Student government offers opportunities ranging from representing student interests to allocating funds for activities on campus.

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Student Voices

St. John’s abounds in opportunities for students to share their voices through writing for student and college publications.

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