At St. John’s College, all freshmen, regardless of previous training or talent, are part of a Freshman Chorus and all freshmen and sophomores study the elements of music. Upperclassmen, joined by faculty and staff, delight in returning to these songs throughout their time at the college.

In addition to music classes, there are many opportunities on campus to continue playing and singing, whether in the school orchestra, chamber music groups, jazz and rock bands, madrigal and renaissance choirs, or the St. John’s Chorus, a choir composed of students and faculty members, which regularly takes on extended choral works such as Bach’s Magnificat or Mozart’s Requiem.

Each term at St. John’s culminates in the college-wide Collegium, a concert of peers for peers that packs McDowell’s Great Hall to the rafters with tutors and students. Every Wednesday afternoon, students gather in the scientifically and acoustically interesting Pendulum Pit to sing the unofficial school song: Palestrina’s Sicut cervus. The college also regularly hosts world-class performers and often offers free tickets to concerts in town.