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Campus Culture Committee

The Campus Culture Committee is an ad-hoc committee of the St. John’s College Board of Visitors and Governors. The committee is charged by the college presidents with reviewing St. John’s policies and practices on sexual misconduct, sexual harrassment and consensual relationships in order to ensure that the college supports an equitable education and work environment, and prioritizes student safety and well-being.

The committee is chaired by Leslie Jump-Walker (A84) and its other members are Joan Haratani (SF79), Robert Mass, and Tia Pausic (A86).

Committee Report 

The committee began its work in May 2017 and issued a report to the St. John’s community in November 2017. The report includes, among other things, the history and methodology of the committee’s work, observations by the committee on a range of campus culture issues, and recommendations for implementation and/or further study by the college. You may download a copy of the report below.

November 2017 Campus Culture Committee Report