Additional Opportunities

St. John’s College offers several Great Books-focused programs for adults, including Summer Classics, the Teacher’s Institute, Lecture Series, and more.

Summer Lecture Series

The Summer Lecture Series, hosted by the Graduate Institute, is an opportunity for tutors and for graduates to present the first fruits of their thinking to an attentive and inquisitive audience.

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Weeklong Classics Programs

Weeklong, discussion-based courses exploring timeless works of fiction or nonfiction, poetry, science, the arts or philosophy, for adults of all ages.

Summer Classics Winter Classics
Year of Classics

St. John’s Year of Classics seminars offer nine profound, rich, and resonant readings taken from the core of the college’s distinctive curriculum. Once-a-month in the community of a discussion-based classroom, online or in-person, we study these texts and confront their questions together.

Year of Classics
The Teachers Institute

The Graduate Institute in Annapolis hosts an annual, week-long academic conference for teachers during the month of July. There is no cost to attend.

Public Lectures

Open to the public, lectures are a longstanding tradition at St. John’s College on both campuses.

Annapolis Lectures Santa Fe Lectures
Graduate Programs

Apply to the Graduate Institute to take classes in the fall, spring, or summer in Annapolis, Santa Fe, or online. This is the most powerful way to immerse yourself in great books.

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