A Year of Classics, 2022–23

Theme: Community

We shall explore together our common nature and taste the communion we experience in shared equality, freedom, humanity, and community.

What enables us to say “we”? Does heart, imagination, reason, logic, or experience provide the topsoil for us to cultivate our common ground? Are we good citizens of our family, neighborhood, and country?  How do we act as citizens of the world, bringing with us the good of our usable past and nurturing posterity?

Let us come together around our seminar tables (actual or virtual) to better understand the meaning of community.

About A Year of Classics

St. John’s Seminars offer nine profound, rich, and resonant readings taken from the core of the college’s distinctive curriculum. This gathering of readings requires us to read and study before class, and then gather with our class monthly for a discussion on the assigned reading. In seminar, we explore, discover and contemplate together. We offer a once-a-month experience in the life of the mind, a true source of happiness for the busy executive, stimulated artist, engaged parent, and all who are at work building our world on strong foundations.

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A Year of Classics FAQ


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