Whom to See About What

See President Nora Demleitner (x2510) about:

  • General policies of the college
  • Fundraising

See Vice President of Advancement & Alumni Relations Scott Greatorex (x2507) about:

  • Fundraising
  • Community and public relations
  • Alumni affairs

See Dean Susan Paalman (x2511) about:

  • Student’s academic status
  • The program of instruction
  • Prospective tutors and lecturers
  • Conduct of classes
  • Any other academic matters and administrative affairs in general

See Assistant Dean Robert Abbott (x2512) about:

  • Class assignments
  • Problems with classes
  • Absences from class
  • Withdrawal from college
  • Matters of student discipline
  • Rules of residence
  • Student activities
  • Fine Arts program
  • Art studio, pottery studio, & darkroom
  • Campus security concerns
  • Thefts, intruders, unpleasant encounters on or off campus
  • Anything not handled by anyone else

See Director of Student Services Taylor Waters (x2512) about:

  • Matters of student life
  • Health and Wellness Center concerns
  • Rules of residence
  • Absences from class
  • Dormitory assignments
  • Roommate problems
  • Party permissions
  • Use of facilities for student activities
  • Student publications

See Vice President for Student Affairs Danielle Lico (x2530) about:

  • Title IX Sexual Harassment and sexual misconduct

  • Discrimination and Harassment Policy

  • ADA/Section 504 accommodations

  • Emotional support animals

  • Wellness training and support

  • Student Health and Wellness Center

  • Substance use questions and recovery support

​​See Print Shop Manager Michael Jordan (x2546) about:

  • Color printing, manual reprints, Senior Essay reprints, binding
  • Printing for clubs, small posters, Gadfly printing

See Print Shop Assistant Carmita Thomas (x2169) about:

  • Mail, mailboxes, packages
  • Polity vans

See Coordinator of Student Services Jen Cline (x4104) about student activities

See Community Facilitator for Athletics and Outdoor Education Kidus Kebede (x6578) about outdoor activities

See Athletic Coordinator Rachel Fleming (x2558) about athletics

See Director of Food Services for Bon Appetit Dining Services Michael Cleary (x2219) about:

  • Any dietary, nutritional, or gastronomic requests
  • Any other aspect of food service

See the Health and Wellness Center, Fielding-Rumore Hall lower level (x2553) about:

  • Medical services or questions
  • Vaccinations
  • Smoking cessation support
  • Mental health services, including psychiatry
  • Wellness services
  • Public health information
  • Community health and wellness resources

See Director of Career Development Jaime Dunn (x2500) about:

  • Career planning: self-assessment, occupational information, career decision-making, job search, internship guidance
  • Graduate schools: program information, scholarships, fellowships
  • Employment: part-time and full-time, off campus

See Director of Financial Aid Steven Bell (x2502) about:

  • Federal work-study and on campus employment
  • Financial aid: scholarships, loans, and grants

See Library Director Catherine Hines (x2550) about:

  • Library policies
  • Guidance on copyright issues
  • Donations to the Library
  • Access to material from archival or special collections

See Registrar Gail Hewitt-Clarke (x2509) about:

  • Transcripts
  • Grades
  • Enrollment certification
  • Transfer and readmission applications
  • Withdrawal from the college
  • Classroom reservations
  • Change of address, phone, parental information
  • Veterans eligibility and benefits
  • Foreign student maintenance of status

See Associate Dean of the Graduate Program Brendan Boyle (x2542) about Graduate Institute matters including:

  • Graduate Institute academic program
  • Students’ academic status
  • Problems in classes
  • Absences
  • Graduate Council
  • Transfer credit
  • Master’s essay proposals
  • Petition to change from full to part-time status

See Graduate Students Services Coordinator Kashya Boretsky (x5521) about Graduate Institute student matters including::

  • Preregistration, registration, and enrollment in classes
  • Transfer to/from Santa Fe
  • Process for withdrawal from the Graduate Institute
  • Master’s essay application process
  • Summer commencement
  • Academic issues and campus life in the absence of the director
  • Address changes
  • Summer dormitory issues and reservations
  • Submitting registration and other forms and sign-ups

See Associate Director for Graduate Admissions Ryan Johnson (x2541) about:

  • Prospective students
  • Recruiting for the Graduate Institute
  • Sending catalogues and information

See the Alumni Relations Office (x4518) about:

  • Alumni activities
  • School rings

See Chief of Public Safety Michael Boston (x2533) about:

  • Strangers on campus
  • Campus public safety
  • Automobile and motorcycle registration
  • Parking
  • Thefts on campus
  • Harassment off campus
  • Light bulbs for students’ rooms

See the Editor about The St. John’s Review.

See Athletic and Recreation Coordinator Rachel Fleming (x2558) about:

  • The athletic program
  • Gymnasium use
  • Locker rental
  • Boathouse

See Vice President of Finance & Operations/CFO ​Ally Gontang (x2514) about:

  • Financial policy
  • Buildings and Ground staff

See Student Accounts Manager Pamela Francis (x2515) about:

  • Student Fee Statement. Charges and payments of fees, deposits, and Student Account balances
  • Transact Payment Portal and Payment Plans
  • Refund Checks
  • Tax Form: 1098T

See the Information Technology Office Help Desk (x2892) with questions about:

  • The student computer lab
  • Connecting to the campus network
  • Email accounts

See Campus Reservations Manager Diane Ensor, (x2547), about:

  • Reservation of all facilities, except classrooms and common rooms
  • Set ups for reserved facilities

See Vice President for Enrollment Benjamin Baum (x2523) about:

  • Prospective students
  • Recruiting for the college
  • Sending catalogues and information
  • Recruitment literature