A Year of Classics, 2021–22

Theme: Joy

After more than a year of suffering, loss, and confinement, it seems fitting to lift our gaze to both contemplate and question joy. What are its sources? Where in us does it reside? How is it related to other experiences and emotions? What are its objects?

Does it arise from our own activity as a kind of completion or crown of it? Can it arise from the release from pain and sorrow, or even from the satisfaction of anger and vengeance? Do we experience it in our bodies or souls—or both? Are the joys of this life only pale reflections of a more complete joy in a life to come? Does joy come in more and less pure forms? Can anything be an object of joy, or are some things more proper objects of it than others? Can we take joy in evil, or only in good? In both ourselves and in others? Does it arise from a lack fulfilled or from an overflow of abundance? How is it related to love, desire, hope, gratitude, and contentment? Can it be both calm and delirious? Solitary and communal?

Please join us in taking joy in the investigation of the meaning of joy.

About A Year of Classics

St. John’s Seminars offer nine profound, rich, and resonant readings taken from the core of the college’s distinctive curriculum. This constellation of high magnitude stars illuminates the soul, invigorates the heart, and challenges the intellect. We offer a once-a-month experience in the life of the mind, a true source of happiness for the busy executive, inspired artist, engaged parent, and all who are at work building our world on strong foundations.

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