A Year of Classics, 2020–21

Theme: Human Being and Citizen

What is the relationship between being a human being and being a citizen? Is being a citizen necessary to fulfill one’s potential as a human being? Is it sufficient? Or can being a citizen distort or undermine one’s humanity? Do different political orders produce better or worse citizens? Better or worse human beings? What is the effect of denying citizenship to certain classes of human beings? Is citizenship a human right? A duty? A privilege?

About A Year of Classics

St. John’s Seminars offer nine profound, rich, and resonant readings taken from the core of the college’s distinctive curriculum. This constellation of high magnitude stars illuminates the soul, invigorates the heart, and challenges the intellect. We offer a once-a-month experience in the life of the mind, a true source of happiness for the busy executive, inspired artist, engaged parent, and all who are at work building our world on strong foundations.

Seminars will be held online via Zoom.

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An entire Year of Classics is $750.00 A half-year of Year of Classics is $425.00, beginning in January. All times are Eastern.



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