A Year of Classics, 2019–20

Theme: Agency, Authority, and Gender

What are the sources of agency and authority in human communities, large and small, and what roles might gender play in our understanding of agency and authority? How might gender shape the ways we acknowledge or exercise authority? What forms does agency take in the life of different human communities, and do the various kinds of agency aim at a common view of the good, regardless of gender? What influence might gender have on our conceptions of divine agency and authority?

About A Year of Classics

St. John’s Seminars offer nine profound, rich, and resonant readings taken from the core of the college’s distinctive curriculum. This constellation of high magnitude stars illuminates the soul, invigorates the heart, and challenges the intellect. We offer a once-a-month experience in the life of the mind, a true source of happiness for the busy executive, inspired artist, engaged parent, and all who are at work building our world on strong foundations.

A Year of Classics Seminar begins in September, but new registrants may join the discussion at a prorated amount for the remainder of the sessions.

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