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The Quad is your source for all of the academic, athletic, social, and recreational activities going on at St. John’s College, Annapolis. Below you’ll find listings of available activities, arranged by category. If you have a club or group you want to promote, please contact the Community Facilitator for Student Activities and Events, Rachelle Munsey.

Available Activities



Archons: Elias Christian (A22) (emchristian(at)sjc.edu); Grace Calk (A22) (gcalk(at)sjc.edu)

Contact: energeia(at)sjc.edu

Energeia discord server

Energeia is the college’s official student-run literary and arts magazine. Our purpose is to provide a venue for creative expression through various media, including visual arts, creative written pieces—both fiction and non-fiction—and audio artworks, both musical and otherwise, along with a place to hone editing, selection, layout design, and other publication skills. And, finally, to share the polity’s artwork with the rest of the polity.

Energia latest issue (PDF)

The GadFly

Archons: Ms. Lysithia Page (lspage(at)sjc.edu); Ms. Alayna Raymond (akraymond(at)sjc.edu)

The Gadfly seeks to connect the St. John’s community by means of story-telling and speech that gently prods. Every piece published within these pages aims to kindle conversation—whether it be an investigative report, photographs of campus life, or friendly political joust.

814 Magazine

Archons: Cassie Desmond; Natalie Kreppner (nrkreppner(at)sjc.edu)

Our name is derived from the time (minutes) it takes to develop, stop, and fix a film in Analog Photography. Just like photography, our life is also continual development process, and we strive to incubate, invigorate, and inspire artistic voices in the college community through a photographic medium.

Our club aims to publish a bi-monthly magazine that centers around analogue photography, of which each edition will focus on one overarching theme. It will include interviews with well-known as well as amateur photographers. We also plan on sharing the stories of the photographers that submit to the magazine.

Yearbook Staff

Archon: Nathaniel Martin (nrmartin(at)sjc.edu)

Instagram: @sjcyearbook

New club pending Delegate Council chartering.

The St. John’s College annual publication for students, by students. All things writing, photographing, layouting, and publishing. We are hoping to provide a way for graduating students to memorialize their time at St. John’s College.

Stories on Paper

Archons: Owen Healy (orhealy(at)sjc.edu), Kai Gyorki (elgyorki(at)sjc.edu)

New club pending Delegate Council chartering.

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Music and Dance

St. John’s Chorus

Archon: Allegra Hall (adhall(at)sjc.edu) and Ella Harrel (enharel(at)sjc.edu)

The St. John’s Chorus is an ensemble conducted by our very own Peter Kalkavage (tutor) and is open to the entire polity, regardless of musical experience or background. We meet every Wednesday night in the Great Hall from 7-8:30 p.m. ET, learning a range of primarily sacred works to be performed at Collegium and at a formal concert in the spring. It is a wonderful thing to hear what our community sounds like together; with your diligence and heart we are capable of making some truly beautiful music.

SJC Christmas Carolers

Archon: Isabella Kiedrowski (imkiedrowski(at)sjc.edu)

The St. John’s Carolers is a group which holds post-seminar meetings every Monday at 10:15 p.m. in the Hodson Room to rehearse Christmas carols. We’re always done by 11 p.m., so you can get to homework (and/or bed) afterwards. In mid-December, we’ll head into Downtown Annapolis and sing for people!


Archons: Tong Wu; Ava Lehrman

Orchesis is a dance crew at St. John’s that focuses on hip-hop, ballet, and contemporary dance. We teach both original and cover dances to dancers of all levels. No experience required.

The Waltz Committee

Waltz party St Johns College Annapolis
Waltz party on the Annapolis campus.

Archon: Lirian Spolaore (lsspolaore(at)sjc.edu)

We host dance lessons twice a week and throw awesome waltz parties! Come to learn some groovy dance moves.

Student Jazz Coalition

Archon: John Teague (jateague(at)sjc.edu)

Vice Archons: Caleb Clark (cfclark(at)sjc.edu), Troy Herner-Brown (tahernerbrown(at)sjc.edu)

The Student Jazz Coalition is dedicated to the understanding of the craft of improvised music. It also provides free musical entertainment to the Polity.


Archon: Jack Alford (jmalford(at)sjc.edu)

New club pending Delegate Council chartering.

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Theater, Arts, and Games

The King William Players

Archon: Alayna Raymond (akraymond(at)sjc.edu)

Instagram: @kingwilliamplayers

Facebook: King William Players Facebook

KWP is the resident theater company of St. John’s College and is responsible for producing, rehearsing and performing all theatrical endeavors which occur on campus, open to both the polity and the general public. We typically produce three to six shows a year. This year we will be performing Exit the King, Our Town, Pride & Prejudice, and Antigone, as well as our annual Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. Those involved in KWP span a range of theatrical interests, and we welcome actors, directors, and techies alike.

Baking Club

Baking Club
Whip up something tasty with the Baking Club.

Archon: Rose Zhang (mzhang(at)sjc.edu)

After hours of Greek and Euclid, calculus and French, or even just the usual interesting-but-sometimes-confounding seminar readings, it’s always fun to put work aside and make something to treat yourself! Baking Club is a place students come to take a break from their rigorous schoolwork and have fun in the kitchen.

Board Game Club

Archons: James Bieneman (jlbieneman(at)sjc.edu) and Jonah Donis (jadonis(at)sjc.edu)

A relaxed weekly gathering for people who love to play board games. Play old favorites and discover new ones! Players of all levels of experience welcome.

Join our Discord server where you can:

  • Get info regarding online and in-person gaming opportunities
  • Organize/participate in TTRPG campaigns and one-shots
  • Stay informed about special events
  • Talk about board games!

Chess Club

Archon: Michael Jeramaz (mjeramaz(at)sjc.edu)

Co-Archons: Nicholas Peitchev (nrpeitchev(at)sjc.edu) and Liana Lee

Chess Club meets at 3:45 p.m. on Fridays on the BBC Balcony. Regardless of how much chess experience you have, please come if you are interested.

Darkroom Lounge

Archon: Daryl Locke

Darkroom Lounge is a place for Johnnies interested in film—although it won’t just be about film. Members will meet monthly and discuss things ranging from film to art. There will also be a Netflix night occasionally, where we just watch movies and hang out in this stressful time. This will be a safe space for photographers and film enthusiasts to work on their art. You can bring your camera or borrow a camera. P.S. Film will be provided, of course.

Drunk Poets Society

Archon: Daryl Locke (djlocke(at)sjc.edu)

Drunk Poets Society is a group for all Johnnies, whether you write something for fun or class; whether you’re a poet, writer of short stories, writer of prose, etc. Even artists, photographers, and enthusiasts are welcome. Also, feel free to work on essays here. This is a safe space for people to do their art and work. You can write on the paper provided or bring your own; you can write on the chalkboard, your phone, etc.

Garden Club

Archons: Ms. Charlotte Nicholas (cinicholas(at)sjc.edu); Mr. Dolan Polglaze (dcpolglaze(at)sjc.edu)

Our Garden Club aims to unite the campus through community nurturing and harvesting. Our plot will be receiving some much-needed TLC after a difficult past year. Help us grow herbs, fruits and beautiful flowers for the campus to enjoy! Our ultimate goal is to foster a peaceful and thriving space where our community can sit still and relax, while connecting with nature. Whether you want to come every week to do some weeding, or just show up once to pick some berries, everyone is welcome in our plot!

JUggling Club

Archon: Mr. Troy Herner-Brown (tahernerbrown(at)sjc.edu)

Learn how to juggle, all skill levels welcome from expert to absolute beginner. We meet on the Quad at 4:30 p.m. every Wednesday.

Mending Club

Archon: Ms. Magnolia Vandiver (mrvandiver(at)sjc.edu)

Mending Club aims to teach all interested individuals to fix their own clothes. We provide materials, instruction, and snacks. Everyone is welcome to our monthly meetings, whether you want to embroider, finally patch up those jeans, or come find out exactly how mending is an act of personal liberation and artistic expression.

Storyteller’s Guild

Archon: Valentine Lamb

Vice Archon: Charles Dang

Virtue Archon: Honor Stanton;

Contact: aglamb(at)sjc.edu

The Storyteller’s Guild is a fairly low-key club that meets on Wednesday evenings to read and listen to short stories, books, poems, and whatever else people want to read. This year, we’re excited to be back in the Chasement with milk, cookies, and a fire in the colder months.

Tea Eaters Association (TEA)

Archon: Mr. Daniel Redish (dsredish(at)sjc.edu)

If you want to hang out with a bunch of tea lovers then come and drink with us!

Purls of Wisdom Club

Archon: Elizabeth Dowdy (esdowdy(at)sjc.edu)

Purls of Wisdom is a club dedicated to crafts, with an emphasis on fiber arts—knitting, crocheting, embroidery—but welcome to other crafts as well! Its goal is to provide resources to students as well as be a fun and safe space to spend time with fellow artists!

Insect Farming

Archons: Mr. Louis Rosenberg (lrrosenberg(at)sjc.edu)

Instagram: @insectSJC

Do you like bugs? Do you like reading about bugs?? Do you like caring for and breeding bugs??? Come join the SJC Insect Farming Club! We’ll meet weekly in Mellon—contact the archons for specifics—to share our passion for bugs and take care of some ourselves!

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Community and Discussion

Investment Club

Archons: Mr. Rei Osmani; Ms. Chris Liu

We are focused on understanding economic and investment principles in the capital markets.

Johnnies of Color (Santa Fe & Annapolis)

Archons: Stephanie Harris (syharris(at)sjc.edu); Linda Bellamy (lfbellamy(at)sjc.edu)

Our purpose is to provide a safe space for people of color on our campus to discuss current events on and off campus and what is happening in the world. We will hold monthly meetings on a topic prepared for entire polity. This will sometimes take the form of panels, open discussion, and/or seminars.

The club is not limited to only students of color, but we will put students of color at the center and educate and include the wider community—and we would like to do so with an open mind and open heart.

Orthodox and Catholic Fellowship

Archons: Ms. Chloe Steer (cesteer(at)sjc.edu); Mr. Ezra Melchor (egmelchor(at)sjc.edu)

Hello! We are the Orthodox and Catholic Fellowship. Our central activity is reading through some of the early Church Father’s and the Scriptures at a measured pace with plenty of discussion. Our focus will also include the lives of the Saints and early Church History, always keeping in mind the question, what is the Faith and how is it practiced? We also hope to dive deeper into the prayer life of the early Church, especially through practicing the Liturgy of The Hours. All are welcome and invited!

Óρθοδοξία(Orthodoxy): Right belief.
Kαθολικός(Catholic): Universal

Project Polity

Archons: Ms. Aidel Townsley (atownsley(at)sjc.edu), Ms. Alayna Raymond (akraymond(at)sjc.edu)

Project Polity works at actively engaging the Polity in meaningful service to both St. John’s College and the Greater Annapolis Community, as well as forging sustainable relationships between the two. This includes weekly tutoring at the Stanton center, yearly canned goods and clothing drives, and much more. Volunteers are always welcome.


Archons: Rylee Bain (rebain(at)sjc.edu)

Co-Archon: Faith Chang (fkchang(at)sjc.edu)

Reality is known around campus as being the life of the party. A lovely club with decades of history. This club might be for you if you enjoy event planning, decorating, and carrying on Johnnie tradition. We are always looking for more Reality members, so reach out if you are interested! Wouldn't you like to know more?


Archons: El'ad Nichols-Kaufman (eanicholskaufman(at)sjc.edu)

We are the Jewish club on campus! Come for Friday night Kiddush and merriment! We have friends! music! even food!

St. John’s Christian Fellowship

Archons: Joseph Padgett (jrpadgett(at)sjc.edu), Seneca Case (sscase(at)sjc.edu)

The St. John’s Christian Fellowship exists to foster a community of faith on campus and a place for Johnnies to fellowship with one another and build deep relationships based upon their faith. We meet weekly as the Men’s Christian Fellowship and the Women’s Christian Fellowship, and occasionally hold larger events for the entire fellowship. We are a Christian organization, but anyone is welcome and you do not have to be a Christian to attend any of our meetings or events.

St. John’s Sunrise

Archons: Mr. Raphi Rose (rirose(at)sjc.edu); Mr. Nate Talbutt

We are the St. John’s Sunrise hub! A subset of Sunrise national, we work for a just sustainable future and a Green New Deal.

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Athletics and Fitness

For the latest information, including schedules, fitness challenges, and gym appointments, please visit the Athletics Program site.

Intercollegiate Sports

St. John’s College Sailing Team

Archons: Jonah Donis (jadonis(at)sjc.edu), Maddie Minor

We are one of the teams on campus competing at an intercollegiate level. No experience necessary.

St. John’s College Crew

Captains: Peter Boersema (paboersema(at)sjc.edu), Adam Francavilla (agfrancavilla(at)sjc.edu)

Annapolis Crew 2016
Improve your rowing skills with SJC Crew.

The St John’s Crew team is one of the college’s intercollegiate sports teams. We welcome people of any skill level! Whether you’ve been rowing for years, or never set foot in a boat before, we encourage you to come out and row with us! The crew team is a fun, close knit community that encourages people to become better rowers. Towards the end of the fall semester, the crew team attends several rowing regattas, which always turn out to be incredible experiences.

St. John’s College Fencing Union

Archon: Erin Allen (eballen(at)sjc.edu)

Vice Archon: Nicolas Turner (ngturner(at)sjc.edu)

The SJCFU is one of the three intercollegiate sports on campus. Our fencing team competes in the Baltimore-Washington Collegiate Fencing Conference. Club activities continued in the virtual sphere with a podcast titled The Five Of Swords and study groups on the rich history of Olympic fencing. Fencing has now returned to campus. If any member of the polity would like to fence, they should schedule an appointment through the athletics portal.

Intramural Sports and Clubs

Historical European Martial Arts Club (HEMA)

Archons: Mr. Augustus Pananas, Mr. Micah Warren, Ms. Tuyết-Nhi Nghiêm

Contact: ttnghiem(at)sjc.edu

HEMA Club is a club that studies the art of sword fighting as those who lived in Medieval Europe by reading from the fighting manuals of the time. We practice and fence with both synthetic and steel swords. This semester, we will be meeting twice a week Tuesdays and Saturdays at 4 p.m. ET.

Q: What swords and schools will we be teaching?

A: Italian longsword (Fiore De Liberi) and ms.I33 arming sword and buckler. Note: As part of Fiore’s manual, we will be practicing some grappling and perhaps some dagger.

St. John’s College Croquet

Archons: Mia Kobylski (mrkobylski(at)sjc.edu), James Bieneman (jlbieneman(at)sjc.edu)

Contact: wickets(at)sjc.edu

The SJC Croquet Team has the (unofficial) title of best collegiate croquet team in the world, and more importantly we have a tendency to BEAT NAVY in the long tradition of the Annapolis Cup Croquet Match every spring! But if you ask the team, they will tell you it’s just good fun. The team is a family and we love to hang out, and we just happen to play croquet (very well) while we do it.

Tuesdays in the Great Hall at 8:45 p.m., and special lessons on Sundays in the Boathouse at 1 p.m.

St. John’s College Polo Club

Archon: Mr. Tom Ni; (ttni(at)sjc.edu)

We provide members of the polity an opportunity to develop their horsemanship through the ancient sport of polo. No prior riding experience needed. Whether you come out for foot mallet practice on the quad with a hobby horse, galloping down the arena on a real pony at 30 mph, or simply discussing a chapter of Xenophon’s On Horsemanship, you will enjoy learning about the rich histories and traditions of horsemanship.

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2021–22 Study Groups

Check back for updated offerings soon!

Russian Language & Culture Study Group

Led by: Ivan Solzhenitsyn (isolzhenitsyn(at)sjc.edu)

Did you ever dream of reading Dostoyevsky in original? Or comprehending what exactly political leaders of post-Soviet countries say in their speeches? Or, maybe, impressing your peers with knowledge about Eastern Europe? If you answered “yes” to any of these, then this club is for you, and your dream may come true. The Russian Language Study Group meets on Wednesdays in MCD 23 from 4:30–6 p.m. We will be focusing on learning the language, as well as exploring the culture of post-Soviet countries. No need to bring any material, other than your own curiosity. Anyone is welcome!

Neoplatonism Study Group

Led by: Luke Briner (lbriner(at)sjc.edu)

A group dedicated to the study and discussion of Neoplatonic philosophy. We will meet in 101 Mellon Hall every Saturday at 1 p.m.

Anti-Oedipus Study Group

Led by: Ben Kushnir (bckushnir(at)sjc.edu)

Reading group on Anti-Oedipus, by Deleuze and Guattari. Broadly speaking, it is a critique/polemic of the tendencies of psychoanalysis and politics in the mid-20th century, especially in response to the works of Lacan and the events of May 1968 in France. It is known for having been written in a very distinctive style, being wonderfully dense, and I find the whole work incredibly amusing. Michel Foucault implores that it be read as a work of “erotic art,” rather than a work of philosophy in the preface.

If you’re interested in post-structuralist thought, psychoanalysis, or are interested for any other reason, shoot me an email.

Latin Study Group

Led by: Zixiong Lin (zlin(at)sjc.edu) and Walker Rogalsky

We will be using two books, Lingua Latina and ​Conversational Latin for Oral Proficiency. We will be meeting once a week, every Tuesday from 3:30–5:30 p.m. at the library study room. Do note that this is a study group of Latin not just for reading, but also for speaking! Every Tuesday we go through Lingua Latina together, and after that we really chat in Latin as possible as we can! If you interested in the study group, please email me for the reading materials and the detailed schedule.

Economics Study Group

Led by: Peter Boersema (paboersema(at)sjc.edu)

We will be reading The Economic Way of Thinking by Paul Heyne. This book “provides an in-depth discussion of a limited, but crucial set of economic principles and concepts.” So our emphasis will be on learning a few ideas well, rather than covering as much material as possible.

Mere Christianity Study Group

Led by: Joseph Padgett (jrpadgett(at)sjc.edu); Ezra Melchor (egmelchor(at)sjc.edu)

The purpose is to gain a better understanding of “mere” Christianity, that is, the things common to all Christians. As the book was originally a series of talks given by Mr. Lewis over the radio to a wartime London audience, in the interest of preserving what time we have left after our seminar readings, tutorial work, and (supposedly) sleep, we will listen to the talk at the beginning of each meeting. Therefore there is no need to read beforehand, unless of course you would like to.

See the list of recordings on YouTube that we will be using.

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Academic Assistance

You can reach a student assistant and receive help in a specific subject using the following email addresses:

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Currently Inactive Clubs

Contact Community Facilitator for Student Activities and Events Rachelle Munsey if you are interested in restarting one of these clubs.

The Epoch Journal

The Epoch Journal is the nonpartisan, long form, opinion journal on campus. Simply put, our goal is to show some of the best work members of the polity can write on the (broadly interpreted) categories of Culture, Politics, and Foreign Affairs. We are looking for writers, editors, and designers for the coming year. Your entrance essay is likely a good candidate for submission, so don’t delay!


An academic magazine that publishes student essays on Program or Program-adjacent books as well as interviews with faculty and staff. Historically only in print, but we are looking to move online soon!

St. John’s Orchestra

We welcome all instruments at all skill levels to our casual group for the purpose of making and enjoying classical music together. In this virtual era, we are looking to stream and discuss musical performances as interest allows.

Experimental Philosophy

Contact: Facebook group

Experimental Philosophy is a club that is dedicated to practicing and exploring classical virtue by simulating the lives of those who actually lived it. To achieve such aims, we do activities like practicing traditional cooking and sewing, as well as boffer combat, to simulate ancient Greek fighting. You may have seen us practicing last fall out in front of the planetarium. While we do fight a lot, it is only 51 percent of our activities; we also organize symposiums and crafting and sewing events.

Model United Nations

From our charter: the Model United Nations (MUN) club plans to create and run a MUN conference for local high school students (delegates), with the goal of bringing the joy of reading and civil debate to the greater community.

Whether you were involved in MUN in high school or are new to the ideas of the club, you’re welcome to attend our meetings and get involved with our conference!

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