Spring Semester Plans for Annapolis: Housing

Living in the Residence Halls, 2021 Spring Semester

General Information

  • In order to de-densify and promote separation among residents, everyone assigned to live on campus will live alone in their assigned room. No one will have a roommate.
  • All freshmen who request on-campus housing by the request deadline are guaranteed to receive it.
  • Once the freshmen who request on-campus housing by the deadline receive it, housing will be available to upperclassmen in the following priority order:
    • Seniors in the U.S. on college-issued visas
    • Seniors who are U.S. citizens
    • Sophomores in the U.S. on college-issued visas
    • Juniors in the U.S. on college-issued visas
    • Sophomores who are U.S. citizens
    • Juniors who are U.S. citizens
  • All students living on campus will be assigned to a specific bathroom on their hall.
  • All students living on campus will be placed on the 19-meal dining plan.
  • Kitchens and common areas will be closed.
  • If you have been given approval to have an Emotional Support Animal, we will need to know if you will be bringing your ESA with you to campus.
  • We will be providing quarantine and isolation housing for students who live on campus.
  • A schedule will be set regarding when you can collect your belongings from the temporary storage area in Mellon. More details will be announced before you arrive.
  • If the college is unable to offer an on-campus experience in the spring, or if on-campus living is suspended during and for the remainder of the semester, students who have paid for spring room and board can expect a pro-rated refund based on the number of weeks in the term that are not spent in campus housing.

Guidelines for Good Health-Centered Living in the Residence Halls

Subject to change based on campus, county and/or state health conditions

  • Masks are to be worn at all times on campus and in the residence halls unless you are alone in your dorm room with the door closed or showering/brushing your teeth.
  • Remain six feet from anyone you encounter in the residence halls.
  • Once move-in is complete, family members, friends from other schools, and off-campus students are not allowed in the residence halls.
  • Each resident may have one visitor at a time in their dorm room.
  • Overnight visitors, including visitors who live on campus, are not allowed.