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Friends Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Friends of St. John’s College is a group of 30 local residents, college staff, and faculty members that develops and supports initiatives to strengthen the mutually beneficial relationship between the greater Annapolis community and St. John’s.

Recognizing that St. John’s is a valuable educational, historical, and cultural resource, the Board seeks to foster activities that reflect the college’s academic mission and enhance the quality of life in our community.

Board of Directors

  • Donald Nicolson, President
  • Paula Abernethy, Caritas Society of St. John's College, Inc. Representative
  • Molly Burnett, Director of Events and Community Programs
  • R. Webster (Web) Chamberlin
  • Robert C. Clark
  • Deborah B. Coons
  • Richard L. Franyo
  • Anna E. Greenberg
  • Lynne Harding
  • Loretta Haring
  • Gary Jobson
  • Emily Brooker Langston, Faculty Representative
  • Cullen Murray
  • Katharine (Casey) Pingle, Mitchell Gallery Board of Advisors Representative
  • Suzanne Pogell
  • Gabrielle (Gabi) Redford
  • Philip Richmond
  • Joe Rubino
  • Laurie Salladin
  • John (Jay) Schwarz
  • Jon Shrestha, Student Representative
  • Esther Slaff
  • F. Michael Smith
  • Joan Vinson
  • Janice Hayes Williams
  • Mary Wolf

Ex Officio

  • Laurie Reinhardt, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

Members Emeriti

  • Peggy Sue Atterbury
  • J. Elizabeth (Beth) Garraway
  • Marta Hansen
  • Marylou Symond
  • Charles (Chuck) Trefrey
  • Nancy Osius Zimmerman