City of Santa Fe and St. John’s College Announce New Partnership

Paid internships now available to St. John’s students in six city offices

Santa Fe, N.M. [January 10, 2024] — The City of Santa Fe and St. John’s College today announced a new partnership to provide internship opportunities for the college’s undergraduate students across a variety of disciplines and city departments. Thanks to a generous gift from alumnus and former St. John’s College Board of Visitors and Governors chair Ron Fielding, the college offers a paid internship opportunity to every student who wants one, which will support this new partnership at no cost to the taxpayer.

“Our students are self-directed learners, original thinkers, and problem-solvers, thanks to the rigor and scope of our Program,” says St. John’s College President Mark Roosevelt. “That makes them excellent candidates for these new internship opportunities from the City of Santa Fe.”

“We’re excited to partner with St. John’s College to provide paid internships for students to work in City departments,” says Mayor Alan Webber. “These students are both learners and doers, and having them as part of the City team will both expand their educations and bolster our operations. It’s a terrific partnership where everyone benefits.”

Internship opportunities are now available in the City’s Office of Economic Development, the City Attorney’s Office, and the Office of Affordable Housing, as well as the Tourism, Arts and Culture, and Community Health and Safety Departments. The St. John’s Office of Personal and Professional Development (OPPD) will work with current students from both the college’s Santa Fe campus and its sister campus in Annapolis, Maryland, to apply for the internships, which will begin in summer 2024.

“This partnership gives our students the opportunity to engage meaningfully and contribute to the work that is happening in the City of Santa Fe,” says Piér Quintana, director of OPPD. “By creating pathways to careers in New Mexico, we are helping the community retain local talent and supporting the economic growth and development of the area.”

St. John’s College is also working with other employers, such as the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs and Santa Fe County, to establish internships in museums, film, sustainability, affordable housing, government housing and economic development. Employers interested in partnering with the college for internship opportunities should contact St. John’s College at 505-984-6066 or santafe.oppd(at)


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Frank O’Mahony, St. John’s College, 505-455-6169, fomahony(at)

Bernie Toon, Senior Advisor to the Mayor, brtoon(at); City Manager John Blair, jwblair(at)