St. John’s College Launches 'Great Books' Podcast and Web Series

Series Engages in Open and Curious Conversations Exploring 3,000 Years of Human Thought

January 19, 2023 – St. John’s College, the third-oldest college in the U.S. and considered the most contrarian college for its distinct and steadfast approach to the liberal arts—reading and discussing 3,000 years of Great Books over the course of four years—is launching a 20-episode podcast and web series examining the mysteries of who we are as humans and why we see each other and the world as we do.

Titled ‘Continuing the Conversation,’ St. John’s invites listeners who want to discuss thoughtful ideas and are curious about the books and authors that have influenced civilization for millennia to engage in discussions where questions are more important than answers. Using Great Books spanning thousands of years of eastern and western thought on science, philosophy, mathematics, and literature as guides, the series explores the ideas that have shaped human history.

From January 19 through June, alternating hosts and St. John’s tutors (faculty) Sarah Davis, Zena Hitz, Louis Petrich, and Krishnan Venkatesh will be joined by guest tutors to discuss and connect over the profound and the personal. Conversations explore the conflict between the ideals America was founded upon and the lived reality of life in America; the centrality of family conflict in dramas from Ancient Greece to modern Japan; the relationship between sports and war; and the tension between philosophical ideals and political realities, among other thought- and conversation-provoking topics.

Produced by the College’s Communications Office in partnership with 12FPS and Awarehouse Productions, Continuing the Conversation is available at, YouTube, and on most podcast platforms including Spotify and Apple podcasts.