Complaint Process

The ‘Complaint Process’ described below stands apart from grievances related to Title IX and Title IV; see “St. John’s College Sexual Misconduct Policy” and “Discrimination and Harassment Policy” appendices in the Student Handbook for full details.

If a student feels aggrieved by an action taken or not taken by St. John’s College with respect to its policies, procedures, or practices, the complainant can formally register the complaint. St. John’s College believes in the fair treatment of all community members and will review complaints in a timely manner. All complaints will be reviewed impartially, and no student will face retaliation for bringing a complaint.

Please bring your complaint to the appropriate college official, as defined below. The New Mexico Higher Education Department requires that “students or other parties with complaints or grievances against an institution first seek to resolve their complaint or grievance directly with the institution.”

Step 1 – Formal Complaint: A formal complaint should be presented in writing to the Office of the Assistant Dean, for undergraduate student complaints, or to the Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, for graduate student complaints. Within ten work days, a meeting will take place with the complainant, the Assistant Dean or the Associate Dean, and, if the complainant wishes, another member of the community who may serve as a witness to the meeting. This meeting serves to ensure that the complaint is fully understood and the outcomes desired by the complainant are clearly expressed. Within ten days of the initial meeting, the Assistant Dean or the Associate Dean will notify the complainant in writing of the actions the college will take to address the complaint.

(Complaints by staff members should be submitted to the Director of Human Resources. Complaints by faculty members should be submitted to the Dean. Complaints by alumni and members of the public should be directed to the President.)

If a student, the Assistant Dean, or the Associate Dean of Graduate Programs feel that the Assistant Dean or Associate Dean are not able to handle the complaint impartially, the student may register the complaint with the Dean, instead.

Step 2 – Formal Appeal: If the complainant feels that the issue has not been sufficiently resolved, the complainant may appeal to the President of the college. Ten days after the submission of the appeal, the President will make a determination and notify the complainant in writing.

Step 3 – Outside Resolution: Should that final action by the college not lead to a mutually acceptable resolution, the complainant may file the complaint with the New Mexico Higher Education Department at

New Mexico Higher Education Department
Private Postsecondary Schools Division
2044 Galisteo Street, Suite 4
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Phone: 505-476-8400