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Art & Nature: Intersection of Imagination and Ingenuity

July 23–29, 2023 | Santa Fe, NM

Shakespeare’s As You Like It contemplates an escape from the artificiality, hierarchy, and conventions of society and politics, by disguise and flight into nature and the countryside. This escape from artificiality, however, paradoxically requires artfulness. What then are the true powers of art? Does art “imitate nature”, as Aristotle claimed, or, at its peak, does it express forms of life, creativity, and individual expression that transcend the world as given to us by nature? How do poetry and painting express or change our perception of the world? Does art possess unique forms of insight, or does it mask an inability to account for its own origins? We shall explore these questions directly in the seminar, and indirectly through careful reflection on works of poetry, painting, and photography—all against the aesthetically rich natural and cultural landscape of Santa Fe.

Reading selections subject to change.

General Information About Camp

Summer Academy Students Using Pottery Wheels St Johns College Santa Fe

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Summer Academy in Santa Fe

The community formed among students is a natural extension of the friendships and ideas shared in the classroom. To further nurture a sense of community, Summer Academy students participate in non-academic workshops such as archery, pottery, yoga, and cooking.  Off-campus excursions will include a refreshing visit to Lake Abiquiu and a tour of Meow Wolf’s immersive, multimedia arts installation.