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Summer Academy FAQ

What is a typical day like?

A typical day includes class, meals, extra-curricular sessions such as croquet lessons, a reading group, or a yoga class, and possibly an outing. Past off-campus trips have included the National Gallery in DC, and the Santa Fe Opera.

Where do we live?

Summer Academy students stay in the dorms and share a room with another student. The library, gymnasium, and most campus facilities are open for Summer Academy students to use and explore.

What do we do outside of class?

There is ample time to relax with other students, and complete assignments. There are excursions off-campus, and plenty of planned activities, from waltz and swing lessons to hiking and yoga classes. RA’s plan activities, so offerings are as varied as their interests.

How many students participate in the program?

The program enrolls 50 students per week on the Santa Fe campus and 75 students per week on the Annapolis campus.

Where do students come from?

Everywhere! Our students come from all across the US and internationally, with several different countries often represented in each session.

How much free time do students have?

There are approximately four hours of class time each day, and students have free time mid-day and after class ends for the day. Take a look at the sample schedules to get a good idea of what your day could look like!

Is there homework?

Ideally, students should read the material before they arrive on campus - this allows for the opportunity to revisit and review material prior to classes. It also gives you something immediately in common with other students to help strike up a conversation!

Who can apply?

High school students between the ages of 15 and 18 are eligible to apply. The majority of our participants are rising high school juniors and seniors.

How do you apply?

The process is easy. Fill out the electronic application form, tell us why you would like to attend the Summer Academy, and submit an unofficial transcript. Because it's an unofficial transcript, you do not have to send it through your school’s counseling office - a scan or screenshot of your most recent grade summary will work.

Will this help my chances of getting into college?

The Summer Academy does help to show initiative on your part, and may offer something to help round out your college application. Mostly, the Academy is a great opportunity to engage, question, and enjoy texts with students who are looking for the same experience. And it is a great introduction to seminar-style learning.

What is included in the tuition?

Tuition is $1,100 per session if you deposit $200 by June 1. On June 2, tuition is $1,250. Tuition includes room, board, books, swag, activity fees, and weekend activities if you're staying multiple weeks on one campus.

Is financial aid available?

Limited financial aid is available for students with financial need. The application will be posted at the end of January and is due to the campus you are attending on or before May 5, 2017. No aid applications will be accepted after that date. Financial assistance will be awarded on May 19, 2017. Discounts are not offered for multiple sessions.

Who are the teachers? What are their qualifications?

Classes are led by St. John’s College faculty, who we call “tutors.” Tutors teach across the undergraduate curriculum, leading classes in ancient Greek, mathematical physics, ancient history or modern philosophy. They hold advanced degrees in a variety of academic disciplines.

Who are the RAs? What kind of training do they get?

Summer Academy Resident Assistants are undergraduates at St. John’s College who are chosen through a competitive interview process. Each is background checked; is CPR and First Aid certified; and participates in a weeklong, mandatory training prior to the start of Summer Academy. Many have served as an RA during the school year.

How closely supervised are the students?

Students get to meals, classes and activities on their own. Resident Assistants are present at all times: at meals, extracurricular activities, off campus trips, and in the dorms. Adult staff participates in activities and off-campus trips. Students must be in their dorm room at 11 p.m.

Can students leave campus?

Students are not allowed to leave campus without an adult. An adult is either a Summer Academy RA, staff member, or Senior Resident.

What is the alcohol and drug policy?

Alcohol and illegal drugs (which includes drugs that the student does not have a prescription for) are prohibited at all times at the Summer Academy. Students suspected of being intoxicated or under the influence of any illicit substance will be dismissed from the program immediately. Students who smell of alcohol or are found in the presence of alcohol or illegal drugs will be dismissed immediately. There are no exceptions.

What medical care is available?

A registered nurse will be on campus to dispense over-the-counter medications and evaluate if students should seek additional medical advice. 

Both campuses are located within 15 minutes of area medical centers and urgent care offices.

How do I get to campus?

Many students are driven to campus by a family member, relative, or family friend. For students who are traveling solo to New Mexico, the Santa Fe Director will book shuttle transportation to and from campus for a fee of $25 per shuttle trip.

Students traveling solo to Maryland are responsible for securing their own transportation to the campus.

Registration materials will thoroughly explain our transportation guidelines. If you have questions, please contact the Summer Academy director on the campus you are attending.

When will I receive registration forms?

Summer Academy registration forms will be available by March 31, 2017. Both the student and his/her parent/guardian will be emailed a link to the forms, which are managed and kept secure by

What weekend activities are planned for students who stay multiple weeks?

On the Santa Fe campus, students go on an overnight camping trip organized by the director of outdoor programming. All camping equipment is provided by the college.

On the Annapolis campus, students take sailing lessons, tour downtown Annapolis, and catch a movie. All activities are supervised.

When will I receive my reading materials?

A manual of readings is created for each session. These manuals will be posted on the Summer Academy webpages by the end of May. We recommend that you not print out the manuals, but wait to receive a hard copy when you arrive on campus.

What are the deadlines?
Summer Academy Deadlines
Date Action
May 5 Financial aid application due
Please submit your application to both campuses if you are planning to attend sessions in Annapolis and Santa Fe.
May 19 Notification of financial aid awards
June 1 $200 deposit due
If you are attending sessions in Annapolis and Santa Fe, you must place a deposit on each campus. If you are attending multiple sessions on one campus, a single $200 deposit is sufficient. If you deposit after June 1, session tuition increases from $1,100 to $1,250.
June 16 Application deadline
Tuition balance due for Santa Fe Summer Academy
June 30 Tuition balance due for Annapolis Summer Academy