College History Task Force

In July 2020 the St. John’s College History Task Force was tasked with researching the college’s past in order to understand its relationship to indigenous and enslaved people, and to make recommendations to the board on how that history should be acknowledged. Although most of this history took place in Annapolis, as the Santa Fe campus was established more than 250 years after the college was founded, this is not the history of one campus or the other, but the history of the college. Reflecting this, the Steering Committee of the Task Force has representation of all the roles that make up the college community.

Request for Proposals: History of St. John’s College

The Steering Committee has issued a Request for Proposals to investigate the history of the college. Interested researchers can find it here.

College History Taskforce Report
February 27, 2021


This is the second report of the College History Task Force (CHTF), covering the period between the November 2020 and February 2021 BVG meetings. Please see the earlier report for a description of the CHTF’s work during that period. We anticipate sharing further reports here after each board meeting until our work is concluded.

College History Report Archive

Task Force Steering Committee Members