Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

The Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion was charged by the Board of Visitors and Governors with determining whether there is more we can do as an institution to ensure that the college is a welcoming place for all, while preserving the uniqueness of St. John’s College. The Task Force members are all part of the college—alumni who have expertise relevant to this mission, tutors and staff members from both campuses, and members of the Board of Visitors and Governors. We represent a broad range of perspectives, cultural backgrounds, and lived experiences, but we are united in our dedication to the college and the Program.

We began our work with data gathering. One of the methods we chose was to distribute a survey to the college community. Along with other methods, including interviews and conversations with members of the college and alumni communities, data from large numbers of people give us a more objective starting point than our or any other individual’s personal impressions from which to recommend any action to the college. We delivered our internal report to the Board of Visitors and Governors, and in April, 2022 an extensive public statement resulting from the report was issued and can be found below.

If you wish to comment or reach out to the Task Force, you may send an email to taskforces(at)sjc.edu or enter a comment (anonymously or not) via the feedback for the task forces form.

College Leadership Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Task Force Report
February 2021

Diversity & Inclusion Task Force Reports Archive

Presidential Statement on Supreme Court Decision, June 2023

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