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Freshman Fast-Forward Program

Spring Term at St. John’s College

Every year, the Santa Fe campus offers spring entrance to the prestigious St. John’s Program to a select group of students. “January freshmen” will start their year on January 16, 2017, and continue through the summer term, becoming sophomores in the fall of 2017. The accelerated schedule allows mid-year entrants to graduate in three and a half years and is an excellent option for transfer students or anyone who does not want to wait until the following fall to enter the college.

Looking back, many students count the small size (usually 20 to 40 students) and the closeness of the January freshman class as its greatest advantage. Students get to know their classmates very quickly and work closely with the faculty inside and outside the classroom. The program offers an intense and vibrant learning experience, and classes make great strides even in the first few weeks.

Being in Santa Fe for the summer semester is an added bonus. It’s a lively time on campus: the Graduate Institute is in session, as well as other institutes. One of the nation's top tourist destinations, Santa Fe is at its very best musically and artistically during the spring and summer months, with buskers on the streets, a world-famous opera house and chamber music festival, theater and film events, and a multitude of art galleries. Mountains surround the town, and the area is a paradise for hiking, climbing, cycling, and river rafting; the campus itself is directly connected to mountain trails.

In the fall, students in the accelerated program join the rest of the freshman class to begin the sophomore year. Because of their intensive and rigorous experience, January freshmen are very often the best-prepared sophomores at St. John’s.