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St. John’s College is a welcoming place for all students. Because of the common curriculum, the small size, and the commitment to learning on the part of everyone on the campuses, students find a community that embraces diversity of background and thought. In fact, diversity is a vital component of what makes classroom discussion so enriching. By reading great books and struggling together with the fundamental questions that they raise, students and faculty learn from their differences and discover more deeply their shared humanity.

Who We Are

Students from 27 countries, comprising 11% of the student body

Students from 49 states and territories

Students of every race and ethnicity:

  • 18% identify as domestic students of color 

Students from a broad spectrum of socioeconomic backgrounds:

  • 68% receive need-based financial aid
  • More than 20% receive Pell grants

Student groups change year to year, but many embrace differences of culture, background, orientation, and religion:

  • Bible Study
  • Pink Triangle Society (LGBT group)
  • Chinese Culture Club
  • Christian Fellowship 
  • Gay Straight Alliance
  • Shammai (Jewish group) 
  • Orthodox Christian Fellowship 
  • Pangea (international student group)
  • Eastern Literature and Philosophy Group