Insurance and Billing

Required Health Insurance

All undergraduate and degree-seeking Graduate Institute students are required to provide proof of current health insurance. Unless information is provided confirming coverage through a parent’s policy, all students are automatically enrolled in the college health insurance plan. International students are automatically enrolled in the student health insurance plan and are not eligible to waive the insurance.

Students need to submit the health insurance waiver annually, without exception. Failure to waive the health insurance by the posted deadline will result in auto-enrollment in the St. John’s College student health insurance plan.

St. John’s College is pleased to announce that for the 2021–22 academic year we have teamed up with Wellfleet Student (Wellfleet) and University Health Plans (UHP) to provide health insurance coverage for our students. The insurance coverage is through Wellfleet, with UHP providing administrative support for the waiver and enrollment forms, as well as customer service for general insurance questions.

Students should update their health insurance information each year at the University Health Plans website for St. John’s College - Annapolis.

On the left side you will see a list of options. The waiver form is the first listed option. You will need your student ID number and date of birth to enter the secure waiver site. Once you have downloaded the information about your plan and typed in your name as an electronic signature, hit enter. A confirmation page will appear and you will be sent a confirmation email.

In the event you have any difficulty with the enrollment or waiver sites, or if you have any questions about the plan and enrollment, please contact University Health Plans at 1-800-437-6448 or info(at)


The Harrison Health Center staff are network providers with most health insurance companies. Medical services at the health center will be submitted through the student’s insurance plan that is on file at the health center. Any resulting charges that are not covered by insurance are the responsibility of the student. Unpaid bills will be posted against the student account and may result in the inability to register for future semesters if left unpaid.

Students are responsible for understanding their insurance coverage for services provided at the health center, and for health and medical services provided off site.

Please bring your insurance card with you each time you have an appointment with one of the nurse practitioners on campus.

Counseling and psychiatric services are provided at no cost to the student.