Exhibition Schedule 2021–22

The exhibitions for our 2021–22 season are listed below.

Current Exhibition

A Season of Shakespeare: Bronze Works by Greg Wyatt

August 23–October 15, 2021 || This outdoor sculpture exhibition—consisting of eight sculptures devoted to Shakespeare, located on the St. John’s College Quad—will provide a preview for the full exhibition to be on view in the Mitchell Gallery in fall 2022.

More about the Greg Wyatt exhibition

Upcoming Exhibitions

A View from the Shore: Winslow Homer’s Impressions from the Coast

October–November 2020 || The exhibition defines Homer’s transition from an illustrator of the pre- and post-war years through his travels abroad that mark his evolution into the preeminent American painter of the late 19th century.

Floating Beauty:Women in the Art of Ukiyo-e

January–February 2022 || This exhibition of 25 woodblock prints in the ukiyo-e style examines historical perspectives on women and their depiction in art during Japan’s Edo period (1615–1858).

PHOTO | BRUT: Collection Bruno Decharme

March–April 2022 || This exhibition will feature 25 works that provide a window into artists who exemplify the 1945 concept of art brut.

St. John’s College Community Art Exhibition

May 2022 || This diverse exhibition of ceramics, paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, textiles, photographs, and other media reflects the artistic talent of the St. John’s College community of students, faculty, staff, and others.