July 21–October 1, 2023 || The skeletons come out of the closet in this exhibition of satirical illustrations by an artist whom muralist Diego Rivera deemed ‘the guerrilla fighter of the broadsheets.’ Presented in association with OHLA (Organization of Hispanic Latin Americas of Anne Arundel County).

Librería Donceles: A Project by Pablo Helguera

Opens September 23, 2023 || “Can art be bound?” This is one of the questions raised by this project, which takes the physical form of an old, used bookstore, crammed with a world’s worth of Spanish-language titles, adorned with throw rugs, game boards, and comfortable chairs. Artist Pablo Helguera created Librería Donceles in Brooklyn ten years ago to serve the growing Hispanic and Latinx communities in New York. Since then, the bookstore has traveled to more than a dozen cities, becoming a vibrant hub of activity in each. The Elizabeth Myers Mitchell Art Museum is playing host to Librería Donceles until 2024. Visiting hours are the same as the museum’s and the books are for sale on a pay-what-you-wish basis.  

Image credit: Courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York.

The Speed of Time: Film and Video Art in the U.S., 1965–80

October 14–December 10, 2023 || In the 1960s, happenings, minimalism, and performance art introduced the concept of time into contemporary art. But it wasn’t until artists started experimenting with technology, using such tools as televisions, Kodak Super-8 cameras, and Sony Portapak video cameras that time was inscribed as a new dimension in visual art, appearing alongside inches on museum labels. This exhibition looks at how artists experimented with and manipulated time in film and video. A few went further and questioned the very nature of the art experience, testing viewers’ patience and resolve.