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A View from the Shore:
Winslow Homer’s Impressions of the Coast

October 15–December 17, 2021
Exclusively in the online gallery

Winslow Homer (1836–1910) is regarded by many as the preeminent American painter of the 19th century, well known for his dynamic renditions of scenes from the coast. His rise to prominence was greatly due to his work as an illustrator for the then-booming pictorial press—an outlet that brought Homer’s imagery into hundreds of thousands of homes on a nearly weekly basis.

The prints on display are selected from the original newspaper editions. The pictorial press enlisted an army of artists, engravers, platemakers, and printers to publish these works. While it is the draftsmen we focus on, the unnamed craftsmen who engraved and printed these images deserve recognition for bringing these mass-produced publications into the homes of 19th-century families.

This exhibition is organized by Syracuse University Art Museum and curated by Andrew Saluti.

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Winslow Homer All in the Gay and Golden Weather Mitchell Gallery

Winslow Homer, All in the Gay and Golden Weather, 1869, engraving.


Winslow Homer The Approach of the Alabama Mitchell Gallery

Winslow Homer, The Approach of the British Pirate “Alabama”, 1863, engraving.


Winslow Homer At Sea Signalling a Passing Steamer Mitchell Gallery

Winslow Homer, At Sea, Signaling a Passing Steamer, 1871, engraving.


Winslow Homer August in the Country Mitchell Gallery

Winslow Homer, August in the Country—the Seashore, 1859, engraving.


Winslow Homer Bathing at Long Branch Mitchell Gallery

Winslow Homer, Bathing at Long Branch—“Oh, ain’t it cold”, 1871, engraving.


Winslow Homer Camping in the Adirondack Mountains Mitchell Gallery

Winslow Homer, Camping in the Adirondack Mountains, 1874, engraving.


Winslow Homer A Charcoal Sketch Mitchell Gallery

Winslow Homer, A Charcoal Sketch, 1883, engraving.


Winslow Homer The Coolest Spot in New England Mitchell Gallery

Winslow Homer, The Coolest Spot in New England—Summit of Mount Washington, 1870, engraving.


Winslow Homer Dads Coming Mitchell Gallery

Winslow Homer, “Dad’s Coming!”, 1873, engraving.


Winslow Homer Emigrant Arrival Mitchell Gallery

Winslow Homer, Emigrant Arrival at Constitution Wharf, Boston, 1857, engraving.


Winslow Homer The Fishing Party Mitchell Gallery

Winslow Homer, The Fishing Party, 1869, engraving.


Winslow Homer Flirting on the Seashore Mitchell Gallery

Winslow Homer, Flirting on the Seashore and on the Meadow, 1874, engraving.


Winslow Homer Gathering Berries Mitchell Gallery

Winslow Homer, Gathering Berries, 1874, engraving.


Winslow Homer Gloucester Harbor Mitchell Gallery

Winslow Homer, Gloucester Harbor, 1873, engraving.


Winslow Homer Morning Bell Mitchell Gallery

Winslow Homer, The Morning Bell, 1873, engraving.


Winslow Homer On the Beach at Long Branch Mitchell Gallery

Winslow Homer, On the Beach at Long Branch—the Children’s Hour, 1874, engraving.


Winslow Homer On the Beach Two are Company Mitchell Gallery

Winslow Homer, On the Beach—Two are Company, Three are None, 1872, engraving.



Winslow Homer, Sea Side Sketches—A Clam-Bake, 1873, engraving.


Winslow Homer See Saw Gloucester Mitchell Gallery

Winslow Homer, See-Saw-Gloucester, Massachusetts, 1874, engraving.


Winslow Homer Waiting for a Bite Mitchell Gallery

Winslow Homer, Waiting for a Bite, 1874, engraving.


Winslow Homer Winter at Sea Mitchell Gallery

Winslow Homer, Winter at Sea—Taking in Sail Off the Coast, 1869, engraving.


Winslow Homer The Wreck of the Atlantic Mitchell Gallery

Winslow Homer, The Wreck of the “Atlantic”—Cast up by the Sea, 1873, engraving.